Sunday, May 16, 2010


Gar helped me with chores and we were outa there fast.
The ponies were lovin' the sunshine and pasture change.
(I wonder if we will get this canoe in some water pretty soon...I'd like to go on the Canal). It is stored in the shed with our lawnmowers and other stuff. I go by it every morning.

Of course the pups would not stay where they belonged...and ended up in the back yard.

Late morning I went down to Apple Creek Farm and finally got the lawn mown. The clouds were very dramatic.
Without their blossoms, the apple trees are looking rather ordinary.
As I drove through the village on the way home I took a shot to show you how much better it looks with leaves on the trees.
This afternoon Barb came over to start working with King Mustafa. Awhile ago I showed her how to long line with Abbe and she had a chance to try it. Today we are going to start with KM.
She made a beautiful pad to go under the surcingle. He is so huge we had to tie it together with some strips of leather... and then she wrapped that area with part of a polo wrap. We attached the lines to his halter.
This was the first time he had ever done this. I started, then Barb took over. Within 15 minutes he improved greatly. Is he handsome or what?
I had to dump the old flowers and gather some fresh ones for the kitchen table. It was slim pickins today.
Late afternoon, Jen came up with the boys. I split a big bag of dog food with her, and she was picking it up.
It was so nice outside, we sat under the pergola.

Finn wanted to go out with the horses. He really loves KM.

When we went back in the house I taught him how to play solitaire.
Evening chores went well. Barb came over and set things up while I picked the pasture...and it was not her night to be on duty. How lucky am I?
Dinner tonight was a little different. Coleslaw.
Baked Beans...
Chicken with carmelized onions and carrots.
The flavors were devine...

I got a call after chores...someone is coming to look at my cart and harness tomorrow. I went out and dragged the rings and paddock while the horses were in the barn, as it dried out quite a bit with the sun. Want it to look nice when they get here.

The moon was very bright tonight....
and the sunset was beautiful.
Time out....

May I introduce King Mustafa...the gentle giant at Skoog Farm....

Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The King is gorgeous. He's looking good on the lines. The weather was great here too. Love your pictures as usual the skies are beautiful.

Glad Finn likes the horses. I love when kids take an interest in them. I think it's such a nice influence in their lives.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh Yea...what delightful photo's of perfectly lovely times!!!
KM is awesome! Finn with him just warms my heart to see too!

elvira pajarola said...

....Handsome little Finn with handsome giant KM.......FABULOUS!!!!!!

....I loved to listen to KM "saluto" in the video.....he is very, very ELEGANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ciao ciao elvira

Unknown said...

That first moon photo is a very good example of what we call 'the old moon in the new moon's arms'.

Louise said...

King Mustafa is magnificent. Do you know anything about his history? Gosh, I love the thoroughbreds I see every week, but there is something about a warmblood that makes me catch my breath.

Ken Mac said...

your days are full!

Maery Rose said...

Looks like you had a busy but beautiful day. I'm jealous of your helpers.

Dream Valley Ranch said...

King Mustafa is GORGEOUS!!!! Loved that little video of him and Barb!

Thanks for sharing!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a special soul KM is. He sure is handsome, regal, and also cute all at the same time. Loved seeing he and Finn together. Adorable! Does KM like hugs? I wish I could give him one. Is KM rideable?

Barb sounds like a great gal to have around. Very generous with her time. :)