Walnut Hill 2017


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Celebrating with Finn

 We had two enormous blasts of rain yesterday and there was at least four inches
of water in this wheelbarrow.

 After chores I checked out the garden...it's finally producing (everything but tomatoes).

 Yesterday we washed a couple of rugs and then put them on the fence to get rinsed by the rain.
We dried them on the driveway in the sun and now they are back on the fence.  Who knows, maybe they will get another rinse tonight.
 At 11 I met the Town Supervisor at the local rug store to pick out a carpet out for a room I am working on at the Rec Center.  I want it to be very welcoming for the Seniors, who will be leaving the Lodge on the Canal in a few weeks for their new digs.

 The room has been painted...
 I was able to buy a couch
 and chair...
 We are going to hang some of the art

 and add some of the old tables and lamps.

 There will also be 4 card tables and 16 chairs.
It's going to be a challenge to get this together,
but I am determined to make it a warm home base to all
 those who visit the Rec Center.

I was not all that productive when I got back to the farm.

 spent some time in the Studio painting my chair.

 Hopefully it won't look anything like this when I am finished.

 Little Wonder and Phoebe kept me company.

 Tonight we were invited to Jenny's for pizza, wings and Finn's birthday.
I delivered some goodies from the garden
 and Gary picked some sunflowers for the table.
 We have not had pizza and wings in ages...tasted great.

Finn chose ice cream cake for dessert.

 He was given a lot of moola, and I think this bat (from Kevin) had to be his favorite present.
Nanna Pat also came through with a bag full of Syracuse University clothing.

 Coop's birthday is next on the docket.
Night all.