Monday, June 18, 2018

A Very Cool Afternoon

It was 80 degrees before 7am.
We ended up in the 90s with high humidity.
Berlin and Abbe were sponged
Maggie and Angel were hosed.

 Obviously Little Wonder was not thrilled.

 Once again we closed all the window in the house and put the fans on.
It was much cooler than it was outside.

 I put the dogs in and went back out to mow the lawn.
As usual I was on the lawn tractor and Gary did the hand mowing.
 The lawn looked great
 but it's been so dry it's turning brown.

 I needed to be in Brockport by noon for an afternoon of lunch and bridge, so I quit just in time to grab a shower.
Today we met at Lorna's house and she made us a spectacular meal!
Chicken salad, orzo salad, pickled beets and crusty bread.

After we played a few hands, we had dessert.
Strawberries and whipped cream on pound cake.
Everything was so delicious.
 By the time we left it was 5pm.  Another vacation day!
I stopped in Brockport on the way home
 and picked up a Reuben Balboa at Barber's so there was no need to
make dinner.
 Somewhere around 6 the power went off.
Yuck!!!!  The house was hot, no fans and very uncomfortable.
While I was at Lorna's we had a minor rainfall.  I was hoping for more.

 A little color showed up in the back garden today.

 I went back out to the barn (which was still warm)
and sponged off Abbe and Berlin.  Angel and Maggie were hosed earlier.
 The power was back on by 8.  Now all the windows are open and the fans are going
so we can cool this big old farmhouse off.
Tomorrow should be much cooler!
Night all.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Close All the Windows....

A hot one today.
Before doing chores we closed all the windows and put on some fans.
That included the fan in the barn.
I set up hay bags in the run-in section as they were going to be spending
a lot of time out of the sun today.  Also cleaned the water trough and put the rest of the hay under the shed roof.
(warning! lots of videos today for my jam pals)

Maggie and Angel got hosed and I sponged off Berlin and Abbe.

 Gary did a LOT of watering today.
 I went out around 10 and finished mowing the big pasture.
They are all done now.
 At noon I took a quick shower and went down to our Sunday Jam.
We had a lot of fun with some new and old songs.
Fortunately, the gallery was nice and cool.
Kathy brought in this one and the chords were a piece of cake.
We are getting pretty good when we play things for the first time.

Tom and Nancy's kids came in to listen, with a Father's Day celebration afterwards.

A couple of us went to Java afterwards and I did not get home until 4:30.
Delicious leftovers for dinner.
Night all.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

What a Day! Jen's Birthday!

Brace yourselves!
This is the longest post ever!

 Mowed everything except for the big pasture.

 Jenny wanted a rhubarb pie for her birthday so after mowing I picked some
 with the assistance of Phoebe
 and Little Wonder.

 She also wanted Shish ki bobs so I cut up organic chicken thighs, onion, peppers, mushrooms and added pineapple chunks (a little of the juice) and marinated all in a combination of an Italian dressing and low sodium soy sauce.
 Around 2:30 I headed down to the Town Park (Gary had already left) to watch a double header.  Finn plays on a U15 travel team for the Bisons, and today they needed a sub as so many of the players were not able to be there.
Who did they ask?
Cooper Harvey!
He plays in a younger division and has never played on the same team with his brother.
 He absolutely knocked my socks off and he
had no trouble playing with the big boys!
 He played right field, first base and got hits that were outstanding!
 Jen was a proud Mom.
 Finn played third base and ended up pitching in the second game.
At one point, when he was at bat, the bases were loaded and he hit a grand slam!
Another Birthday present for Jen.

 One happy family!
I got back to the Farm after 5 and put together the Shish ki Bobs.
 I sautéed the remaining mushrooms in the marinade.

 Coop and Finn are going to sleep well tonight!

 Scott made rice and a salad....both were delicious.

 What a feast!

 I did chores after we finished dinner and before desert.
 It was hot and I could tell that Maggie and Angel wanted to get hosed.

 Berlin and Abbe are such chickens.

 Coop loves riding the trikes and talked his Mom into going for a ride.

 (Another new blossom today)

 The pups were hot tonight...
 for the next two days we will be in the 90s!
Night all.