Thursday, February 21, 2019

More Cinders on the Driveway!

 I added as much texture as I could to the front paddock so the horses could navigate.

 I am sorry to say that I still have not found Sophie.
Hoping that she will come home soon.

 I was not very productive this afternoon, until 3:30
when I attended a Town/Gown meeting at the Lodge in the Park.
The College President and Village Mayor host these gatherings
and they are always well run and informative.  There must have been over
35 people in attendance, who are all interested in working together 
as a community.
When I left at 5, the sun was in all it's glory after having
a very grey day.

 Meanwhile back at the Ranch....
 there was no dinner in sight.

 So, we drove over to Holley

and had their specials for dinner.
 (Black and Blue Burger)
 (Southwest Burger)

 Home at last.
Night all.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Black Ice

 Things were much the same this morning
 except for one thing!
 A raccoon got in our basement (he is now out)
 and Sophie is missing.  She must have been so scared.
 I believed she escaped but I can't find her.

 Tonight I attended a candidate launch for our neighboring Town of Clarkson.
The turnout was excellent and I was able to say a few words
after a very lengthy introduction by Jenny.

 There is something to be said for communities that work together.

When everything was over, we walked out to a parking lot covered
with black ice.  Very happy to be back at the farm with no broken bones.
Night all.