Painting by Gary Skoog


Friday, December 19, 2014

Back in the 20s.....

 Cold with lots of deep ruts.  At least the mud is going away.
 The girls still like to go out in the pasture for some frozen green stuff.
 Gary and I went to Agape for a short workout before the repairman came to check on the washing machine (which won't be fixed until Monday...but that's ok, it just needs a new belt).
 So, this afternoon was a repeat of yesterday.  I picked up where I left off with my book , sat by the fire and then took a nap with Phoebe, Gucci and Sidney.
 When I went out to do evening chores there was a deer herd beyond the first hedge row.  They must be looking for leftover soy beans.
 Tucked the girls in, got the grain ready for tomorrow morning,

 and headed back to the house with no intention of making dinner.
 Grabbed a few shots in the dark on the way.

 This is our Christmas tree.  It's in the middle of our kitchen table!
Of course we have twinkie lights all over the place (inside and out).  Keepin' it simple.
Night all.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ho Hum Ho Hum

A very quiet day on the home front.  The weatherman said we have had thirteen days in a row of this grey and ugmo weather.  It has an impact on my mood....that's for sure.
 Even with the snow we had last night, the paddock is still a mess and the girls were locked in the indoor with hay, while we cleaned stalls.

 Of course, they left a lot of their breakfast so they could go outside and stand in the muck.
 Who knows if they went back in to finish (I doubt it).

 I made an appearance at The Center in my barn clothes, as a friend has volunteered to help strip wallpaper off one of the rooms that (hopefully) will be turned into a cafe.  I wanted to help, but couldn't, as it is being done with the use of a steamer and there was only one available.  Kudos to Rick for giving so much of his time for the Seniors.

This afternoon I did very little.  Sat by the fire and started a new book.  So blah!!!!

Evening chores at 5.  It was very dark tonight and really dark this morning.  Pretty soon we will be adding minutes of light to our days.  By next Tuesday it may be in the low fifties....go figure.
 How many horse pictures can one person post?  Jeeeeezzzzz.
 We even had a simple dinner.  Never served this before.
Meatball sandwiches with a side of corn.  Weird huh?
Tomorrow is another day.  Maybe I will wake up at Agape.
Night all.

As our visit from the Honey Dipper wasn't enough, now our washing machine doesn't work.
Bah, Humbug!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Baker Boys....

 The girls had breakfast in the indoor today.
 It was one of those boot sucking days.

 I had a 2pm appointment with the massage therapist and had no idea my back was so full of knots!  It had to be from the day I shoveled heavy snow.
 So grey....
 I prepared two kinds of cookie dough so Finn and Coop could have a chance to get into the pre Christmas spirit this afternoon.
First we baked Vordags....a Swedish Cookie and probably my favorite.

 Then we went for the cut out sugar cookies.
 I took a quick break to tuck the girls in....
 while the boys played cards.

 Pizza for dinner,

then we started decorating.

 They had a good time.
 Here are a few samples.  I'm so glad I only made one batch of each kind.  Cookied out.
Night all.