Sunday, December 10, 2017

Flowers, Videos and the Buffalo Bills Snow Fest

Off to a slow start this morning.
I started by taking pictures of the flowers on my kitchen table.
They are still hanging in there from last Sunday!

Karen feeds weekend breakfast and I don't have to get out there so early.
I lollygagged through stall cleaning.

 In the teens with the wind.
 At 1 I was down at the gallery for our Sunday Jam.
 A big crew today and we had such a good time.
We sit in a big circle and take turns picking what we want the group to to sing.  This is our very first time doing this song and it sounded great!  We have come a long way, Baby.
Here is part 1.
and the rest of the song....sort of....
There is a new show up.  It's so nice that we can play in a place surrounded by art.
 When I got back to the farm, the Buffalo Bill's game was on!  Usually I don't care if I watch, but today there was so much snow it was crazy and I could not resist tuning in.
 I thought they were going to lose, but in the end, they had to go into overtime and pulled it off.
13 to 7
I don't think I have ever seen such deep snow at a game...ever.

 Gary spent a quiet afternoon with his buddies...
 It was so ugly out I did evening chores a little early.
 Ended up putting the heavy Rambos on my girls.  Karen had already switched hers this morning.

 Phoebe did not even go out the door...just Little Wonder.
 When we got back to the house he was bugging Seymour.

 An instant replay for dinner and it was just as delicious as it was the first time!
 One of my blogging friends (M.D.) said she used the recipe I posted!
 Reading and a fire are in my future.
Night all.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

24 to 0

Very crispy all day.
 Little Wonder stuck it out in the barn with me....Phoebe went in the house.
At 11, Jenny and Scott came up to make Christmas Cookies.
Minor detail, we could not find the cookie cutters.
 We started out by making Vordags (Swedish shortbread).
 And ended up using 2 star cookie cutters and 2 different sized glass to come up with
those that were going to be decorated.

 This was a free form turned into a fish.

 Gary took a short nap after decorating one cookie.
 Scott was a great sport, and helped us.
 When all was said and done, it looked like they were made by pre schoolers
but they tasted good.  Our supplies were very limited this year so we had
to fake it.
 The sun was out part of the day, so most of the snow melted.
I think the high temperature was 33.

 At 3:30 Gary and I went down
 to the Student Union at the college to watch the SUNY Brockport Football Team
play Mary Hardin-Baylor in the NCAA Division III Football Semi-Finals.
They were in Belton, Texas.
 There was a huge screen in the ballroom and the place was packed.
The Student Government provided burgers, hot dogs, chips, nachos and cheese,
pizza, cold drinks and coffee...everyone chowed.
I had to leave before half time to go home and feed the horses.
 When I got back, they were in the 3rd quarter and Brockport was getting pounded.
They lost 24 to 0.  
The good news....they had a 13 and 0 season and had the opportunity to play today.
 Check out the hibiscus blossom tonight.
By tomorrow it will feel like paper and then it will disappear.

Night all.