Good Morning...


Sunday, September 21, 2014

So Long Miss Tilly!

We were up and at um early so Tim and Tilly could head over to Hemlock where thecrazysheeplady spent the night.  Another long ride back to Kentucky.

 There are not too many dogs who are sweeter than this one.  Last week she lost her best buddy and they did not want to leave her...so she came along and was a perfect little lady.
 We had a great time.
 After they left I joined Karen out in the barn for morning chores.
 This was a very weird day.  It was almost 70 degrees when we got up.

 We had sun, torrential rain, sun, more rain and finally sun.
 Phoebe and Gucci got along well with Tilly....

 but I think they were happy to get back in their old groove.

 I spent a lot of time on the Senior Center project and actually took a nap while Gary had duty at the Welcome Center.

Picked lettuce, tomatoes, spinach and cabbage before doing evening chores.
 Can you see Gary in the background?  He is breaking up the heads of garlic into cloves, as he will start putting them in the ground in October....about 2000 plants.
 Angel is walking quite a bit better now
and Abbe apparently got soaked today and then rolled.
 Got them all tucked in

 and went back to the house around 7:30.
 Leftover rice and beans for dinner.  The lettuce I picked earlier tasted great in the salad.  No spinach for a change.
Night all.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Did we ever have a perfectly gorgeous day.
Saint Tim and thecrazysheeplady were up early and left for the Fiber Festival before I went out to do chores.
 Tilly joined Gucci, Phoebe, Karen and me in the barn....totally comfortable.  She is the sweetest girl you could ask for.

 I finally managed to fit in a trike ride.  Rode past the Gingerbread Manor
 where I will be leading a drumming circle tonight.
 Took a new route today....headed East on Reed Road
 and turned left onto Root Rd.  Lots of cornfields all over the place.

 Got back home and worked on my opening statements for the meeting on Wednesday.  Will also be sending out reminders to as many people as possible.  Need a humungo crowd.

Made a big pot of vegetarian chili (sweet and sour) and picked a basket of tomatoes and peppers for Jenny.  Tomorrow she is going to use all that to make her version of chili.

Gary worked for Arjuna.  They had to deliver flowers to 5 different weddings.  Tim went fishing on Hemlock Lake and Sara taught two classes at her event.  I was home most of the time.
By late afternoon the sun was lighting up the house.  I should have taken more photos.

 Karen and I were the only ones eating dinner tonight.  Made some Jasmine Rice and topped it with the chili.  Also had a side of pickled cucumbers that I made yesterday.  She did chores while I showered.
 Got down to Gingerbread Manor by 7:30 and
 was all set to work with her guests.
They were quick studies and we had a great time.
First time I ever did that.
Night all.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Thecrazysheeplady and Saint Tim are in the Building....

 Low 40s this morning...felt so cold.

After chores I picked some cucumbers and
 raspberries  By then it warmed up a little.
 Figured it was time to being the plants in from the back porch...swept and vaccumed.
 Gary delivered flowers today for Arjuna and did not get home until after 4:30...two minutes after Sara and Tim had arrived.  Chatted for awhile and then went to Spencerport for dinner.
 Checked out the Canalfront before we went to McColleys.

 I'll bet Sara was talking to Auntie Reg!
 We started off with sweet potato wedges and a honey mustard sauce.
 3 fish dinners
 and a Reuben.
 Left a little before 8 and it was pitch dark outside.
 Sara brought 20 in so he could sit by the fire for awhile.  Tomorrow he will go with her to Hemlock for the Fiber Festival.

 Raspberry shortcake for dessert.

 Look what Auntie Reg sent up from Kentucky!  Homemade caramel corn.  I'll bet Gary is going to inhale it.
Tim went on the computer to get a New York fishing license.  He will be floating around in his kayak while Sara is doing some teaching tomorrow.
Due to excessive yawning and closed eyes....we gave into hitting the hay early.
Night all.