Monday, August 20, 2018

Ralph and Rosie's

 Another turn out switch this morning.

 While the horses were eating I trimmed up a tree in the smaller pasture so they could get under it.  After they were turned out I cleaned up the mess.

 The recent rains have made the grass start growing like crazy, and we
may get more tomorrow.

When I got back in the house I made a no bake
 peach and nectarine pie.

 So fresh tasting and especially good topped with real whipped cream.
 At noon I had a meeting at the Town Hall, stopped at Wegmans
and late afternoon our friends, Carol and Topper stopped by.
We had a lot of laughs, especially when we talked to Stephanie
with the phone on speaker.  She must have thought we were all nuts!
 I invited Jenny and crew up for pie and it turned into a pizza dinner.

 Salad and two pizzas from Ralph and Rosie's.
Thank you Scott, for picking up the pizza!

 After we ate... Scott, Finn and Jenny went out to the barn with me 
to check on Rebel.
 Carrots all around.

 Finn and his pal Frances took the trikes out for a ride.
It cracks me up that they love riding them.
Now they have gone home and here I am.
Night all.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

You Are My Sunshine

I let the dogs out when the sun started to rise and could not go back to sleep.
This morning was a lot easier.
The horses switched turnouts and we had them set up in no time.
Now Rebel has had a chance to be everywhere.

 His stall is pretty easy to clean, and he sure likes the food in this restaurant.
 I think Maggie and Angel would really like to be with their buddies.

 Little Wonder is such a farm dog.
He arrived here two years ago today.

 At 9:45 I arrived at the Farm Market as several from our Jam Group were 
providing the entertainment.

 I was only expecting to play with Lori S. and Nancy B. but our bass player and master techie arrived to make things better!  Then Kathy S. arrived, Gary showed up and Roseanne M. was there for a couple songs at the end.  We even had a man from the market come over and sing with us.

An exceptionally good time!  Good old fashioned busking.
 This little boy and his Mom stopped over just as we were finished and was
very disappointed.  So Lori asked him if he would like to hear a song and we played "You Are My Sunshine" so he could sing with us.  How sweet is that?

 I did not have the energy to attend the 1-3 jam and went back to the farm.
We had two hibiscus blossoms today...usually they pop out one at a time.

 and morning glories.....
 It was a little cooler today and the ponies spent more time in the pastures.

 Jenny stopped up for tomatoes and cucumbers....
met Rebel.

 I had evening chore duty and it went very well.
First I put Maggie and Angel in their stalls (they go in on their own).

 Before Angel went in hers she wanted to have a conversation with Rebel.

 He is such a beautiful boy.
 He already knows where his stall is and went in on his own.
 They were all ready for dinner.

 Gary went to The Welcome Center as Corning Glass Works has a barge that is going down the canal presenting programs along the way.  It's free, but you have to reserve a spot.  Absolutely packed wherever they have docked.
We were presented with this gift via Eric, the Captain of the Lois McClure.
It is a beautiful example of what the glass blowers were producing.
 On my kitchen table....

 along with a delicious dinner.

 We did not eat until 8, but it was worth the wait.
While I did chores, Gary sautéed an onion.
When I got in, fried up 4 slices of bacon (drained most of it) and added the onions.
In the meantime I made some spags and threw in some peas during the last minute.
Tossed everything in the pan with a little butter and Romano Cheese.  So good!
Night all.