Hugs for Phoebe


Monday, May 2, 2016

Taaa Daaaaaaaaa!

What a nasty morning.  It was pouring and very cold.
So crummy I kept the horses in until it stopped....around noon.
They were not happy with me.

 I turned the heat on in the Studio around 7:30, before going out to the barn.
 By the time my class arrived, it was not quite warm enough, but they were troopers.

 As soon as they left, I let the girls out and they went straight to the pastures.
 At 1:30, I had an appointment to have my stitches removed.  Here is the before shot....
 and this is the after, right when they were removed.  
Pretty ugmo, but a shower will improve the look.
I was totally happy with the Doctor, the surgery, the hospital and the outcome.
My fingers did not swell, the bandage never felt too tight, I never had to take one pain pill and was able to do chores (without using that hand the first few days) and did not miss a board meeting or grand jury duty (I put a pillow under my arm).  Very grateful...especially since I did not get an infection that could have been very serious.  The Doc knew what he was doing.
I will be so happy not to have to wear plastic bags to the barn and in the shower.
 By late afternoon, the sun was making an effort to appear.
 Gary was able to work on the gardens.
 I thawed out some ham and cabbage soup
 which I served with pumpernickel bread, cheese and apples.
 Gucci's flowers are still very beautiful.  When I see her pictures I really miss her.
 Night all.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Long And Short Of It...

My days are starting to slow down a little....finally.
Added pellet bedding to Abbe and Berlin's stalls this morning.
It was really ugly outside.  Damp and cold.

 The house being built out back is starting to look very large for a ranch.
 In spite of the weather, many of our flowers are in full bloom.

 A very good day to be inside napping.

 The only thing I had on today was the Sunday Jam and we had a full house.


I'm so glad I can still play my uke with this hand wrapped up.
Yay!!! Tomorrow the stitches come out.
 You have to know that I really love playing with this group.
As we are getting ready for a performance, our practice lasted almost an hour longer.
Really did a number on my right thumb....it needs to be toughened up.


 Our friends Topper and Carol called around 4:30 to see if we wanted to join them for dinner at Krony's tonight.  Gary was at a concert and did not get home until 5:30, 
but we were able to make it.
On our way to Hamlin, the fog was getting very heavy.

We arrived around 6
and Topper had his camera out before I even sat down.
 So busy talking and eating I forgot to take pictures of the food.
Wings and salads.  After my last gig with the grand jury I have to get serious about my eating habits and go back to Agape 3 days a week.  Actually looking forward to it.
Now I am going to put on some pjs.
Night all.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Time To Catch Up....

Karen had chore duty this morning and for the first time, I did not get out 
to the barn until after 8.

 Phoebe did not have to wear her sweater.  That's a good sign!
 Gordon B. arrived on the scene to rototill Gary's gardens.  It won't be long before the rhubarb will be ready.

 If you look out between the barns you can see the progress that has been made 
on the house behind the back pasture.  It sure has put the kabash on my
view for picture taking.

 Look what has come back on the scene!  Huge blossoms and more coming.

 By mid morning I grabbed a shower and was off and running.
Country Max for a sale on Cat food, Tractor Supply for pellet bedding and horse treats, the bank for moola, gas for the car, stopped in at Sallys and finally hit Wegmans on the way home.
When I walked to my car at Tractor supply, this truck was parked near me with 6 dogs in it.
They were all beauties!

 It was warm enough for Gary to paint, so he got a good start on the Studio.
The green is darker than it was and looks great with the green metal roof.
 Is Phoebe looking good or what?  She seems to be doing very well.

 I practiced my Uke for awhile before starting on dinner.
Looking forward to tomorrow's jam.
 So in the mood for potato salad.

 A cucumber/onion/tomato salad and veggie burgers.  Delish.
 Tucked the girls in a little after 7.  They are loving this weather.

 After chores I checked on Gary in the studio, where he was priming those huge canvases.  The one I am going to paint has to be about 5 x 7 FEET!  Should be fun.

 I just saw this picture of The Center that Deanna (Director) posted on FB.
The chair rail and panels are going up ... WOW!  Things are really starting to shape up.
Do I love this color!
I think I have finally hit the wall.
Night all.
Here's one more song from Chris Wilson.