Friday, July 29, 2016

Extra! Extra!

 Abbe line driving....
 Putting on the harness.
 Andrea and Abbe during training.
 Abbe and me....
 Muddy Berlin.
 My dressage instructor, Linda LeGrand and her Andalusian stallion Hito.
This was at the opening we had for our indoor and they did a musical freestyle that made everyone cry.  Hito was imported from Portugal and was in his 20s when he could still do all this stuff.
 Pony (Babe's Opal) in front of her boyfriend King Mustafa.
 Abbe and a new friend.
 Pony was 13 hands and King Mustafa was over 17.  They were good pals.
 Jenny's thoroughbred, Target.
I was just playing around with photoshop.


I don't think I have ever had a day go by when only 8 photos were taken.  Usually it is in the
40-60 or more range.  Thank you digital cameras.
Must be out of gas.

Chores, Wegmans, 90 minutes of swimming, back to the farm...
and a Cubano to go.
Night all.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Big Mike And The Motivators

The usual start to the day.

 Gary has started working on the Studio again...scraping and painting.  Hopefully a new door will be installed soon.

 I spent most of the day at home....
 After lunch I prepared a couple jars of cucumbers and onions with vinegar, water and a little sugar (which I bring to a boil before adding).
In a couple of days, they will taste like fresh pickles.
 It was not quite as hot as yesterday, so the girls spent time looking for things to nibble on.

 I picked some of our red leaf lettuce...for some reason it is doing exceptionally well with or without rain.
 Turned it into a salad with a nectarine and topped it with Peach Balsamic Vinegar and oil.
 Leftover spags and Carina's artisan bread made for an easy dinner.
 Thursday night....Summer Serenades!
Tonight we were entertained by Big Mike and the Motivators.
What a great band.
 You can't sit still when they are playing.

 At least 200 people were in the audience.


 The Welcome Center provides a perfect venue for these free concerts.

 When I drove back to the farm the sky turned red.
Time to watch the convention.
Night all.