Little Wonder


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sixty Seven Degrees

Perfect weather for me....

 The trees are going to be green any day now.

After chores I had a burst of energy and started organizing Gary's storage shed.
Then I loaded up a couple of wheelbarrows with more brush.

I took the pups out for a run before heading to Brockport for our Sunday Jam,
 and had time to mow 3/4 of the lawn.

 I spied our first tulip.

Two friends from Rochester came out to join us today.  Fred and Danette are both Ukulele players and we had a great time.  I met Fred when I was drumming at the college and will be joining him and many other pals to drum at a half-marathon being held in Rochester next Sunday.  Maybe it will get me back in my drumming groove.


They stopped at the farm to meet Little Wonder as they follow his adventures.
Simple dinner.  I made chicken soup yesterday which we had with grilled cheese sandwiches.
 LW and Seymour entertained us while we ate.

 Then he and Phoebe both jumped up on my lap for some cuddle time.

 We went out to do evening chores a little before 7:30 and the light was beautiful.

 The girls were happy to get tucked in.

 I put the dogs in the house and finished mowing behind the pasture while the sun was going down.
This was the view from the back forty.

Night all.
I'm lovin' this weather.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

More of the Same

Until late afternoon, it was very drab and downright cold.
I picked some daffodils before going out to do morning chores.  
Most of the year we have fresh flowers on our kitchen table.

 After the stalls were cleaned I spent a little time moving more brush

 and then we went in the house for awhile.
 I had to run an errand and took Little Wonder and Phoebe along for the ride.
Someone else had the same idea.

 We stopped at the Town Park on the way home and did a little exploring.

After we got back we went outside again.
(The garlic is growing like crazy).

I finished my book and started listening to another, which put me right to sleep.
Then, I don't know where I've left off and have to back track.  I'm better off reading.
Gary had a long workshop today and when he got home he started attacking 
the garden by the studio.
He has not had much time for that lately.
I made a simple dinner.
Salad, organic chicken and sweet potatoes....(and leftover pie).

 My turn for evening chores.  As soon as the girls saw me they came up to the front paddock.

 The sun sure improved this part of the day.

 The pond will probably be gone by tomorrow morning.  
For the next 7 days we should have temps between 60 and 72.
I'll take it.

 The sunset was gorgeous!
Night all.