Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just One of Those Days

Grey, cold and not motivated to take pictures.
How do you like those apples?
(The girls get one everyday)
Night all.

Reply...Starting Now

I will start replying to comments left on my posts whenever possible.  Especially to those who do not have blogs or email addresses.  Not being able to respond can be very frustrating.  Hope this works.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Another Turn....

Temperature down by 30 degrees.

Night all.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Did You Say 70 Degrees?

Starting at 6:30, when it was 60 degrees.

 By 7:15...more color.

 Happy girls...no blankets again.

 Every day that is sunny could be my last to pick the pastures before it freezes again.

 Could not pass up going on a trike ride....in spite of the strong wind.
 After all, by then it was in the mid-60s.
Hung a right out of the driveway.
 When I took the first left it looked like the rain was going to get me.
 When I rode past Barb's, wanted to get a shot of Grace and King Mustafa but too many trees were in the way.

 Ahhhhh yes!  The sun returned.

 There's no such thing as a shoulder on these back roads.
 This is the home stretch.

 Went down to The Center for a volunteer meeting at 1.
 This has turned into a very major project and after 4 months I am running out of gas.
 Gary got home from painting by 3:30, not feeling very well.  It had just rained and the sky was amazing.
 Many of my friends posted pictures of double rainbows and I was not even tuned in.

 Very grey by 5 when I went out to tuck the girls in.
 Now which one has the muddy butt?

 3 guesses.  She's not getting groomed until tomorrow morning when it dries up.
 Made dinner, but Gary was not well enough to eat.  (In bed before 6:30)
Grilled ham, acorn squash and a spinach/grape/pear/apple salad.
Night all.