Thursday, October 8, 2015

More of the Same....

A beautiful start to the day.
 But chilly.

Stopped at a few doors on my way to playing duplicate bridge.
 It was nice to take a few hours off.
Terry's pool has not been covered yet...so inviting.

 Got back to the farm a little before 5 and dove into campaign work.
Could not resist checking on the girls just before dark.

 Picnic dinner.
Night all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

You Might Say That I am Engaged...

One thing after another.

 Right after chores I drove into Rochester to pick up Finn and Coop at Jen's office.
They had an 8am dentist appointment in Brighton and needed to be driven back to school.
Around 11, visited Annie and Mary to catch a few photos for an upcoming news release.

 Did a little more door to door work after grabbing a salad at Java.
Wasted over an hour on the phone with Time Warner late afternoon, as my email was not working right.  It kept asking me for a password and immediately rejected it.  Thought it was fixed once and had to go through the entire process a second time.  Hopefully it will continue to work.  By then it was 6pm and I had not cooked dinner so we indulged down at the Millhouse.  Sat across from Shamra and Rob and talked about all the Netflix series we have watched.

Here is the trifold we are passing out going door to door.

It's the tip of the iceburg as things are going to start heating up as we get closer to the election.
We are all for a two party system and that has not happened in the Town of Sweden for a very long time.  The process is very interesting and takes a lot of energy.  As expected there is a lot of balonnniiieeeee floating around and we are ready to respond.
Night all.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Out of My Groove

I have been so involved with this campaign, can't get my act together for picture taking.

 Went from chores to my computer to class.

 Spent the afternoon organizing my "walking lists" and nearly forgot that we had a dinner date with Roger and Karla.  We were late....
Had a great meal with lots of good conversation.

Night all.
Maybe I can take the time to get back into some kind of a groove tomorrow.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Too Busy To Take Pictures!

Chores.  Campaign stuff.  Lunch.  Door to Door with Mary.
Dinner.  Meeting.  Home.