Little Wonder


Monday, December 5, 2016

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner....

 This morning we woke up to a dusting of snow.
 It did not stick around for long.
 In fact we had a good amount of sunshine.

The dogs kept me company while I worked on dinner.  Our turn to host
Brenda, Al, Ann and Ron.

The menu for tonight....
Pork tenderloin stuffed with sauteed onions,
 apricots and craisins.
 There were two medium tenderloins
 in the package, so I put stuffing in between and tied them together.
(I had been marinating this for much of the day)
 First I seared both sides...then put it in the oven at 425.
 Just before it was done, Gary threw it on the grill to finish it off.

 What a feast.  I roasted our Brussels sprouts and made mashed potatoes with caramelized onions and extra sharp cheddar cheese (along with the usual ingredients).  Ann made a salad with strawberries and spinach.  Of course I served Carina's Challah bread....

 Brenda made an eggnog pie.  It was very light and delicious.
Another great meal and time well spent with good friends.
Now we have mountains of dishes and all I want to do is close my eyes.
Night all.

Today Bug (Little Wonder's brother) was keeping his little buddy Annabelle company as she was not feeling well and did not go to school.
Does it looks like he has the good life or what?

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Apple Picking In December!

I woke up around 6 and the sky was starting to show some color.
A good sign.

By 8:30 Karen and I had finished chores and the plan was to go over to Apple Creek Farm and build up our (apple) supply for the next few months.  Anything for the girls.
Little Wonder jumped in the car and thought he was invited.
 We picked a few bushels and they were gorgeous, huge and perfect.
I got home just in time to make coffee for a couple of friends that stopped up for a meeting.

The dogs really enjoyed the weather today....even tho it was a little crispy.
 LW views sticks as pretzels and wants to eat them.

 At 12:40 I left for Brockport.
 Time for our Sunday Jam.

 George (below) wanted to play "At Last" by Etta James.
I am determined to learn that song...it is so fine! 
I'm also going to work on "I'd Rather Be Blind."
 This is what I take to each session.  A music stand, a bag holding about 30 pounds of music, a tambourine, a uke stand and a small purse... not to mention my new baritone uke,
 which I am really loving!
 Gary spent the afternoon working at Sara's....
time for Christmas trees.
A little before 5 I went out to tuck the girls in.
All of them had rolled.

 Once again it was pitch black when we headed back to the house.
 Still very muddy with lots of puddles.

 I had to pick up a few things at Wegmans on my way home from the Jam and that included two $8 meals.  Chicken French and two sides with each.  We shared everything and pretended it 
was a pot luck supper.
 After dinner I watch my latest Netflix entertainment.
"Paranoid."  Another English cop series.  It's funny how they grab you
and it turns into binging.  I'm going to have to tell my friend Buttons 
(Blogging bud from Ontario) about this one.  We like a lot of the same stuff.
Night all!

I want to share this photograph with you.
I have a blogging friend who is an outstanding photographer, horse/mule person and very creative!
This is her homage to Christmas this year and I think it is spectacular.
She frequently starts off with and old chair and it ends up looking like this.
Her name is Val Ewing and you can find her at:
She posted this a couple of days ago.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lots Of Mud...

No beautiful sunrise this morning.
Cold and grey....period.

 The front paddock is just about to the boot sucking stage!
Little Wonder and Phoebe are not all that excited about walking through it.

 While we still out in the barn it started to rain/sleet/snow a little bit.

The dogs, Seymour and Sidney wanted back in the house.

 I spent a couple hours in meetings this afternoon and when I got back to the farm we had some friends stop in from the Big Apple.  They were on there way to Niagara Falls and
 it was nice to catch up.

 It seemed extra dark when we went out for evening chores.
 Tucked the girls in
 and walked back through the mud to the house.
It's surprising that the dogs were not more filthy.
 Those twinkie lights sure make the kitchen cozy.

 Time to get out by the fire.
 Night all.