Best Buds

Best Buds
Little Wonder and Seymour


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Rest Of The Story....

This morning the temperature was around 40 degrees when the pups and I went out to the barn,
but it ended up over 60.  Feels good but what is going to happen to all the fruit trees that are starting to bud up?  This happened last year and we got no fruit!

 After feeding the horses their grain, I set out the hay.  Instead of putting it in the front paddock I pulled the sled out to the back pasture where there was plenty of sunshine and the ground was pretty dry.  Abbe always finishes first, and she followed me out.

 Maggie must have rolled in the ditch (full of water) again.

It was so gorgeous I decided to take a test ride on Sally's trike, but first
 Gary had to lower the seat.
 I put Little Wonder and Phoebe in the house
 and was on my way.  How many chances have I had to go on a trike ride in late February?

 I really needed to get some sunshine on my face.

 As soon as I approached Lake Road the horses spotted me.

 I enjoyed my ride and tucked the trike into the shed by Gary's barn so I can do it again tomorrow.  We should be in the 60s through Saturday.
 At 2pm I went down to Helen's for a meeting regarding one of our murals.
Do you recognize these birds (by Al Cretney)?  She has an amazing art collection.
 As I did not get home until 5, there was no chance that I was going to make dinner.

 We went down to the Stoneyard for a quick dinner.

Night all.

The man that was wounded (lost a kidney and his spleen) is still in guarded condition. I was told that he was not hunting coyotes, but was out looking for deer antlers....
(it was dark, how could he see anything?)
 and was in the second field (beyond those trees and behind the new house in the
back forty) when he was shot.
This morning when I was picking the back pasture, I noticed an ATV parked next to our back fence.
Late afternoon a young man picked it up and was followed home by a car (probably his Mom).  It must belong to the man who was hunting for coyotes.
I can't imagine what these two families are going through.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Big News!

 We had about 5 brief minutes of color this morning.

 It did not warm up as quickly as predicted, so I left the blankets on the girls.  Windy.

 Class at 10:30.
I served French Press coffee topped with whipped cream.  Normally we have tea.
 We had our regular bread delivery, which throws us all into orbit as it smells so good.

 Carina has gone out of her way to deliver our weekly orders.  Today her kids joined her.

During class there was a knock on the door and we had visit number one from a reporter sent out from Channel 13 in Rochester.  She interviewed me and then I introduced her to my class.  Earlier tonight I was on the news discussing the shooting that occurred out back last night.
In case you missed it, a father and son were out hunting for coyotes (in the dark) and in the same area there was another hunter.  The father shot the other man and things went downhill from there.  The victim has lost a kidney and his spleen, but is hanging on.  The father was arrested and charged with assault (now out on bail).  Both families will never be the same.  
Why were they coming to our house?  Because the newspaper printed our address as the location.
A short time later, we had visit number two.  Channel 8 was at the door and I was interviewed again.
 We had quite a chat and then these two went out back and took some footage of a very muddy Maggie and the back of the farm.  Crazy.  I was on the 6 o'clock news and never like the way I look.
Is that really me?
 Finally, Channel 10 arrived and we had visit number three and a chat but no filming.
Not the usual day.

 Mid afternoon I took the blankets off the girls.

 It may reach 60 tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

 At 7 we had a brief Town Board meeting and then I went over to The Chateau, 
a new Luxury Living Complex in Brockport.

 I was very impressed and view it as quite an addition to our community.
Soon, this restaurant will be open to the public, and
tenants will be moving in by the end of the month.
 I took a brief tour....

 It's a whole new option.
Night all.

Hopefully we will have some down time tomorrow.
Maybe a bike ride!