Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bright Light

A gorgeous morning.   So nice to have the sun out again.
 After cleaning the stalls, Karen and I picked the pastures.
 It heated up quickly,

 and we were able to remove the blankets.
 Out in the back forty, there was one deer hanging out with one goose.

 Gary went to Conrow Farm and picked up a bale of hay for me to check out.  I want to have some extra second cutting (orchard grass) on hand for my 30 year old Berlin.  Think I'll buy 15 bales to make sure she has enough until this year's is ready.
 At 1 I went down to the college for drumming.

 We had a short session as Khalid was playing for a Memorial service at 3.
Chores at 6:30.

 Tucked the girls in and
 we went out for dinner.  No cooking.....
 On the way home, the sunset was spectacular.

Drumming for the half marathon tomorrow morning.  Hope it's not too cold.
Night all.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Judy's Cookin'

Another morning near freezing.  We even had a few snowflakes coming down.

 Yesterday these daffs were so frozen, I picked them.

 I had defrosted some rhubarb (this year's crop is almost a foot tall) and finally took the time to make a rustic pie this afternoon.

 A quick trip to Wegmans and then home for some down time.
Chores a little early....
 all the girls had rolled.

 Left around 6:30 for Brockport.
 Gary, Sally and I were invited to Judy's for dinner.
 I made the salad (leaf lettuce, bean salad, Greek olives, cheese and onions) .
 Judy made green and yellow beans...
 roasted chicken...
 rice and gravy.

 Sally brought cheesecake with fresh raspberries.
Comfort food for a return to the ice age.  33 degrees.
Night all.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Oh s(NO)w....

 Bah humbug!  I really did not want to wake up to snow.

 The first thing I did when I got out to the barn was to put medium blankets on the girls.
 Windy and in the low 30s and I'm not interested in having one of them colic.  These weather changes have been a pain in the butt.

 Seeing that I had no early appointments I decided to whip up a couple batches of pellet bedding for the stalls.  Love the way they explode when I add the water.

Did not leave the farm all day and put the girls in around 6:15.  Still ugly out there.

Added a little sauce to the carbonara that was leftover from last night and threw in a few peas.  Much better the second time around.
 Bean salad....uuuummmmm.
Had a meeting earlier this evening and was very happy to come home to a nice cozy fire.
Maybe I will be more motivated to take pictures tomorrow.
Night all.