Best Buds

Best Buds
Little Wonder and Seymour


Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Foggy Foggy Dew....

 The visibility was pretty poor until we got back in the house.
On my way to the Sunday Jam, it was still down to the ground.

 We had a small group today, only 8....
 but we sang a lot of songs and picked up a couple of new ones.

 Chore duty tonight and the temperature had dropped by the time I got out to the barn.
All the horses had rolled, and Angel and Maggie looked like they had been playing in the water.

 Still foggy....

 I made chicken Helen for dinner (chicken thighs that I pounded flat, then dipped in eggs and a combo of breadcrumbs and Romano cheese).
 Served it with Bazmati rice, green beans and coleslaw.
 (After browning the chicken in a frying pan, it was placed in the oven topped with a big squirt of honey/dijon mustard).
Amazing flavor!
 Now the dogs have left the kitchen
 and followed me into the library.
Such sweet companions.
Over and out.
Night all.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

So What Was Going On Today?

Fog to the ground, that's what.
The girls got to go out naked today as it was already in the 40s headed for 52.

  When we got back in the house, Little Wonder took his first nap with Seymour.

 I had to grab a very quick shower as the ukefest started in Rochester at 10am.
My ride pooped out on me, so I drove myself in and had a great time with Randy at the helm.
 Love learning new songs and playing with so many ukes.  Such a neat sound.

Jenny picked me up at Bernunzios at 11 and we went over to the People's Solidarity Rally
being held in Rochester.  
Please look at the post below to see what it was like.
 Home after 1.
Finally....around 4pm, the sun appeared.  It has been pretty dark in these parts.
 Once again it was nap time for Little Wonder. 
This time it was with Sidney.

 Phoebe prefers her spot on the rug in the library.
Now I am going to try to talk Gary into going out to dinner.
Too late to cook.

Don't forget the post below and let me know if you participated somewhere.

The People's Solidarity Rally in Rochester, New York

As Gloria Steinam said today
"The constitution begins with we the people...."
We are very fortunate to live in a country where people can express themselves.
Kudos to those in attendance at Washington Park, as they did so in a very peaceful and respectful manner.  I never expected the turnout around the world to be so HUGE!
It's a real statement. 

I was already in Rochester for a Ukefest and was picked up by Jenny at 11.   Harry Bronson, State Assemblymember (Jenny is his Chief of Staff) was one of the speakers and we wanted to take photos of the event.  When we arrived, the crowd was listening to Rochester's Mayor, Lovely Warren.

The statue of Abraham Lincoln was surrounded.

 The crowd, well over 1200, was very tuned in.

 Harry is all about equality and represents his district well.


 I love all the signs.
This movement is about a lot more than the presidency.

 We ran into several people from Brockport.
Jenny, Barb and Sandy are all very community minded and care about human rights for all.

 My bottom line on all this involves dignity, understanding and humility.
Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with respect.

I am very glad that we were able to attend one of these history making events.
 Night all.

Did anyone else participate in a rally?