Friday, April 26, 2024

Over the Hump?

Sunny and crisp, but we are headed for some warmer weather (and rain).

I woke up at 5:30 and the sunrise was a beauty.

Gary headed out for the diner to meet his pals for coffee and LW and I were in high gear at the barn.

My timing has gotten better and better.  Done in no time.
One more new blossom and many more buds are in waiting.
Here are my new Sketchers.  I sent this photo to my pal Judy and she immediately went out and found some.  Love being able to just slide in.
Gary now has 160 of the new onions planted.  He is going to give the rest to friends.
He dropped me off at Hanny's at 1pm for bridge and went on to Hamlin to have lunch with our friend, Randy.  He certainly has a social life!!!
Hanny's home is right next to a beautiful pond that is full of geese....even some babies.  We played cards on her enclosed porch.  So relaxing.
Terry gave me a ride home and by then it was after 5.

Got the boys tucked in a little after 7 and with the wind, it was still crispy.  Hopefully this is it for rain sheets.  We were below freezing for two nights and they had some nice warm bran mash with their breakfasts.  I know... they are spoiled, but every horse I have lost was due to colic.

Didn't have much time, so we just had beans and weiners for diner.
Night all.


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Sandra said...

I hear you on colic. I've had too many die because of it. You and Gary keep yourselves busy, it's probably why you stay young.