Thursday, April 18, 2024

Last Place Again

Another dreary morning.  At least it was not raining.

I spent the afternoon playing bridge at the library and stopped at Wegmans on the way.   And yes... Terry and I came in last!  Two weeks in a row for me.  Oh well.
Home after 4 and started working on dinner.

Put some marinated asparagus on top of the salad.  Delicious.
Chores at 7.  Still dreary out there.

Tucked the boys in and got off some of the mud.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

what were those words ?? " Mud, mud, glorious mud" Hope the rain stops soon. Yummy dinner.

Val Ewing said...

Well at least you got to go out and visit and play a game, so there is some good in that right?

Mud here too, but we needed the rain so badly.

Sandra said...

That's a good photo of Rebel. I hope you know LW owns my heart❤️ It's dreary here, too. It's cold this morning. Dinner looks really good.