Monday, April 29, 2024

She Sings

Chilly and dull this morning, but it turned into a beautiful day.

I was picked up at 10:30 and headed to the Chili Community Center for a gig.

It takes us at least an hour to set many chords and amps.

Today they held an Ice Cream Social and we provided the entertainment.

Home by three.  By then, Gary had both apple trees planted.  Love them!
Not in the mood to start on a dinner, so we went down to the Diner.  The trees were positively gorgeous near the entrance.

Home before 6 and out at 7 to tuck the boys in.

Some good light in the barn.

Buddy and Rebel don't know it, but we are having a spa day tomorrow.
Night all.


1 comment:

Sandra said...

I know I repeat myself, but you live in a wonderful community. Good music, beautiful gardens and a good boy Buddy. Who could ask for more?