Saturday, April 13, 2024

What Are You Doing For Dinner?

It was raining so hard Little Wonder did not want to go to the barn with me this morning.  Smart dog.

We had plenty of standing water in the pastures, but the boys did not care and they were out there all day.

At least we had a new blossom to brighten up the day.

I was on the phone with Carol B. (in Florida) and told her about all of our yellow flowers and she wanted me to send some photos.  It was still raining and the wind was so strong they were getting knocked over.

I made some brownie/walnut cupcakes and sat by the fire much of the afternoon.

Jenny called and wondered if we would like to come down for dinner!  Of course we said yes.  She and Scott are such good cooks.
Finally, it stopped raining and the sun appeared.  Much nicer for evening chores.

Look at that sky!

Got the boys tucked in, made a quick salad....packed up some brownies....loaded LW in the car and we were off to Brockport.
What a great meal.  Chicken stuffed with caramelized onions and mozzarella cheese....
green beans....and mashed potatoes.
Home before 9 and ready to call it a day.
Night all.

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Sandra said...

I wish I had a Jenny!! the food looks fabulous. It was 84 yesterday, low 70s today. It's supposed to rain this week.