Monday, April 15, 2024


A beautiful day.

Starting with the sunrise.....

The boys are stilling choosing to go straight out to the pasture and do not seem to be interested in the hay nets at all.

It was only 40 degrees so LW and I wore our jackets.

Mid morning we went back out and I finished pulling out the bamboo in the garden across from the kitchen.  It was warming up.
Our very first tulip.

When Gary got home from coffee he helped me clean up the area.
My first appointment today was with the massage therapist and boy did I ever need to be there.

Then, I went directly to Greece for my annual mammogram.  That went well.
On the way home, the clouds were very dramatic.
It sure looks a lot better without those piles of bamboo.
Gary spent some time working in the raised beds and did some weeding in the flower gardens near the outside of the fence.

Late afternoon I made some macaroni salad and we had it with the leftover BBQ.  This time on a ciabatta roll with a piece of grilled pineapple on the side.  Yum.

Moved the flowers twice today.  They are still hanging on.

Evening chores a little before 7.  Buddy and Rebel were both muddy.

Had had to clean them up after they got in their stalls.  A lot more hair came off.  Tomorrow Alice is coming over for a spa day.
Love these bright evenings.
The pastures and front paddock are starting to dry out....just in time for more rain later in the week.

Night all.



Val Ewing said...

Busy day! I have yet to ever try massage but I have heard it is amazing.

Sandra said...

At least that chandelier is clean! You had a busy and quite productive day. Your gardens are pretty.