Sunday, April 14, 2024

Heading Toward Sunshine

Not my favorite morning.

The pond has been absorbed for the most part, but it was very gloomy and wet out there.

LW had to wear his red coat.

After chores I made another trip to Wegmans.
The trees are starting to bloom and it's looking great.

I binged on a Swedish Series this afternoon.  I think it was called "A Midsummer Night."
Loved it!!!
My buddy joined me.
Around 4 I took the sheets off the boys.

Then we had a superb dinner.  BBcued boneless ribs, yams, grilled pineapples and a few greens.

Gary started planting his onions in a couple of the raised beds.  I'm so glad the sun finally appeared.

Tucked the boys in and am looking forward to sunshine the next couple of days.

Night all.


1 comment:

Sandra said...

A great way to end your day....sunshine and a delicious meal! We will have rain this week, sunny right now. We need the rain, so it's good.