Monday, April 22, 2024


Much nicer than yesterday, but still chilly.

By the time I turned the boys out, the Town Highway Department was here collecting our brush.  They do a great job and rake up the area before leaving.
After chores I picked some rhubarb as I wanted to make some cookies.
I did not need very much for the recipe.

They were fantastic!  Now we just have to leave them alone.
Gary painted a sign, and we had our first customers for rhubarb this afternoon.  We must have at least 20 plants and they will get huge.

Little Wonder and I took it easy until Gary returned with the car.

Then I went drove to the Shoe Dept. and bought myself some Sketchers that I can just slide me feet into.  Put in my orthotics and the difference was amazing.  Hopefully they are going to help.
A very sunny afternoon.
It's a good thing we like leftovers.
Took the sauce from last night's meatball sandwiches and made a casserole.

Chores at 7:15.

Got the boys tucked in and now I am off duty.

Night all.



Nancy J said...

Down here we all have Skechers, the Go walk is a favourite.They will be SO good for your feet. Sometimes we are lucky and get one on sale, but otherwise quite expensive, but do last for a long time.All Birds is another good brand, son-in-law likes them better. Hope the new footwear helps.

Val Ewing said...

Hubby loves his Skechters, best shoes I got for him!

Hope your PF improves!

Sandra said...

Those a really good shoes. Your place is so beautiful and well maintained. I'm envious! That's a lot of rhubarb!