Saturday, April 27, 2024

Two New Trees

The weather was pretty ugmo today.  Grey, windy, rainy, cold and no sunshine until around 5:30pm.

As you can see, Buddy take s a pretty good nap at night.  So does Rebel.

We have been talking about putting a tree in the median between the two driveways and today we did something about it.
We drove over to Sara's Nursery to check things out.

Fortunately we received some good advice from Kathy, the owner, and ended up buying two apple trees.
We were able to stuff them in the back of our car.

They should be perfect, as they don't get very wide (maybe 4 feet).
They are petit columnars... "Tasty Red."

Gary wanted to get them into the ground, but we had a downpour.
Instead, we had some of the chicken soup I made yesterday.

We all ended up taking a nap in front of the fire and I finally started on dinner.
Scalloped potatoes.   I'm trying to use up whatever I have in the freezer so ham was it.

I had planned on putting the boys in early, but when the sun came out they went in at their usual time.

I took off their sheets and this ought to be it!  It better be.  The temperature is rising tonight and it may be in the low 60s by 6am.  However, more rain is on the way off and on for the next few days.

These are the blossoms on the new apple trees.  They are going to be beautiful.

Night all.  I want to watch the "Correspondents' Dinner" as it should be very interesting under the circumstances in this country.


Val Ewing said...

Those trees will be very cute! I can't wait to see them planted!

Sandra said...

The trees are perfect. Today it's supposed to rain all day and into tomorrow morning. We need it.