Friday, April 5, 2024

The Final Four

More snow this morning.  So much mud.

After chores I had a burst of energy and finished up some things that needed to be done before our 4 guests arrive tomorrow.  So far, the traffic is the same but it should pick up on Sunday as we are expected to be jammed before the eclipse on Monday.  It sounds like NBC is going to be here for the event.  We shall see.
The tulips are hanging beautiful.

Little Wonder and Sid spent part of the afternoon snoozing.

From the bedroom to the kitchen....
It was raining when I went out to do evening chores.  No more snow.

You had to know that the boys would be covered with mud.

For dinner, I made an asparagus/tomato/onion/hard boiled egg salad....
to go with our leftover Mac and cheese.
Now it's time to get out by the fire so I can watch the basketball games that have already started.  I predict that Iowa and South Carolina will be in the finals.
Night all.



Val Ewing said...

My neighbors just texted me that they might be driving somewhere to watch the eclipse with the kids. I'll take care of their critters.

I plan on going to the Reserve and finding a nice spot to observe the partial eclipse and also watch the birds and wildlife reactions. I did that in 2017 and it was pretty cool. The bees in the garden all went still on the flowers they were gathering pollen from.

Anonymous said...

We’re watching the Iowa/ U Conn game too. We got into it recently. Kathy