Friday, April 12, 2024

We Are Not Done Yet

We got a lot more rain last night and the temperature was dropping this morning.  40 MPH winds off and on so the rain sheets went back on Buddy and Rebel.

There was standing water all over the place.

I had Little Wonder down to the groomers at 11am and then went to Wegmans for a few things.
He sure smells good.

This afternoon it stopped raining and
I was in snooze mode.  Started dinner late, then went out to tuck in the boys.  Of course they had rolled their brains out!!!

I closed this gate to the pastures, but they were still able to get out there through the back door of their barn.  Between the two barns the mud was so deep it almost sucked off my boots.  They do not need to be walking through there.

Fortunately, LW did not get too filthy. This morning he was so bad I had to wash off all of his legs.
Home fries, chicken and salad for dinner.
Night all.


1 comment:

Sandra said...

That's a lot of water. LW sticking out his tongue....cute!!!! You fellows prove the point ----boys will be boys :)