Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Out and In and Out

More rain off and on with a real chill in the air. 6am it looked like this through the bedroom window

I actually fell asleep while doing my usual routine (sitting in a chair with my legs up with a heating pad on my back) before going out.  Late by about 15 minutes, but we all survived.  Must have been in a very relaxed zone.

It was supposed to get warmer today, but it stayed in the 40s and the boys were getting wet.
I put them in their stalls around noon to dry off and chow on some hay.

The flowers must love this weather.

Another blossom this there are two on this plant.

AAriana sent me a ton (hundreds) of photos and videos a couple days ago and I spent some time going through them.  Once again, she was a big part of the "Country of Origin" event where she teaches in Las Vegas. Over 400 kids from grades K-12 participated and over 50 countries were represented. The costumes worn representing their cultures were gorgeous as they sang and danced. This year 2 of Ariana's Croatian cousins flew out from the East Coast to join in the celebration. More schools should do this, encouraging all students to be proud of their roots.

She and her cousins are on the far right in their Croatian costumes.
So proud!

At three I turned the boys back out.

We had blueberry pancakes and sausage for dinner.
Of course that was the time of day when the sun showed up.

Back in for the night around 7.  Even tho it had cleared up, they were ready.

Night all.



Nancy J said...

It is a delight to be so proud of our younger family members. What a grand gathering.

Sandra said...

That is a fantastic idea!

It's chilly and windy here. Your flowers are quite beautiful.