Thursday, April 25, 2024

Pizza With Jenny and Scott

When I headed for the barn this morning there was still frost on the ground.   It really did go down to 29 degrees last night and tonight will be the same.

Little Wonder and I had on our winter coats.
I went down to the library for bridge at 1 and Gary continued to work on his gardens.  The sage and parsley below survived the winter....I can't believe it.
Our strawberries are looking very healthy.  Gary forgot that he ordered 200 onions in addition to the 150 he already planted, so he had to prepare the ground over by the garlic and will start planting them tomorrow.
Jenny called on her way home from work and we wondered if she and Scott would want to go out to dinner with us.  She had already ordered pizza and wings and invited us to her house!  That was nice!  I made a salad and we were there by 5:30.
This is her dog Buster.  He is 14 now and has no problem with Little Wonder when we bring him along.  

Dinner was delicious....

and we were home by 7 to tuck in the boys.

In spite of the cold air, the sunshine was a real booster.
Night all.



Val Ewing said...

We had 3 days of frosty mornings but this morning frost!

At least the pastures are growing and it seems we are in for warmer weather and lots of rain!
The pizza looks yummy!

Sandra said...

A nice surprise having pizza with the family. It's raining today. Yesterday reached 68F. Rebel is one handsome dude.