Thursday, April 11, 2024


It rained last night, this morning and again late afternoon.  What a muddy mess.  It's not supposed to stop until Saturday.

It was not that cold, but Little Wonder needed to have a coat on so he would not get totally soaked.

I finished cleaning the stalls....Gary had a Doctor's appointment in Rochester.  After he got home, I went down to the library to play bridge.  My partner and I came in dead last.
On the way home I grabbed some shots of some the trees that are starting to bloom.

Gary finished adding the mulch to his raised beds.  The pile is gone.
I walked in the door to a beautiful and huge bouquet of flowers.

So thoughtful and sweet!
I put the boys in a little early as it was pouring again.

Leftover cabbage soup for dinner.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Beautiful flowers and so good to get a thank you. Samped, is it " Swamped" Just like the West Coast of the South Island here, one road is totally cut off, a 2 hour drive now takes more than an 11 hour detour.

Sandra said...

Your spring is way ahead of us. Nothing is budding or blooming. I think that is the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen!

Val Ewing said...

Beautiful flowers...we have to wait a bit for it to arrive yet.

However, I love seeing the beauty!

We got a bit of rain yesterday, but not enough to please the farmers.