Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We had frost least there was not any snow.
I hustled through chores this morning. It's so nice when we have new sawdust...thank you Barb!
Even tho it was not very warm, I did not put the horses sheets on.
The garlic is over 2 feet tall and it's only the first part of May.
At 10am we had a chorus rehearsal at the Presbyterian Church (where we are going to have a performance on May 21st). Below is Jean, who plays the piano and helps us over and over to learn our parts.
We were really bad today....messed up every song and drove Maryellen nuts! There was a Performance at St. Anne's at 2pm and they were able to redeem themselves. Gary went...I had my class.

Mel finished his cat.
Jean is on a roll with her 6x6 ink drawings....finished this bunny
and started on a bird.
By the end of class it looked like this. She is a real pro with her textures and designs.
Tina made a lot of progress with her drawing of the snow leopards.
What is this fish doing back so soon? I had to go down to my Doctor's office to get a perscription...our massage therapist is upstairs.
When I got back to the farm I put together a salad. The Morgan Manning House (historical society) was holding it's annual meeting/pot luck supper and that was our contribution.
Strawberries, bananas, onion and romaine with a homemade poppy seed dressing.

I've shown you this before. Here is the main house....
and the carriage house.
There are beautiful gardens everywhere.
This is a view of the back of the house.
The place was wall to wall people...I took a few photos. Below are Ruth and Mary Ellen.

I don't even have to tell you what is going on in this have seen it over and over. Wherever we go, it's dueling cameras.

Topper and Carol...good pals for over 40 years...yikes!

Above is Bing Rath, who has participated in our art exhibitions. He has taught himself how to paint and is doing amazingly well. This painting was done of the Morgan Manning House while they were wintering in Florida. Bing is married to Ruth (above) and they have followed my blog all winter to get the skinny on what's been happening in Brockport. Ruth and Carol (Topper's wife) are sisters. All in the family...we are very happy to know them.

At 7:15 I went to play duplicate bridge...Helen always puts out a big spread. I tried to cool it, since we had just eaten dinner. I did not have very many good hands tonight.
Home by 10:15 and looking forward to some couch time. Very tired today.
Night all.


Unknown said...

Here the weather is cold for the season too. But the summer seems to want to come.
Cinema festival in Cannes is beggining. Generally, it sounds like the beginning of the summer too.
We do not use to go there for it is crowded generally. The people put scales close to the festival palace, and climb on to see the cinema stars arriving. So if you do not have a scale, you cannot see many things. When the cinema day is over, they tie their scales to pillars. So, they can have a good place for all the festival.
See you soon

Unknown said...

Sorry, I have mistaken, writing "scale" instead of "ladder".
Hope you will understand what I have written.
See you soon