Friday, July 10, 2009


Another beautiful morning.  No humidity.... a little breeze...temperature going up to the mid 80s.

Clear as a bell.
The pups and I went out to do chores...there was a grain delivery.  Put the dogs in the yard and did some mowing and mulching in the front paddock.

In the house a little before 11 and got a few things ready for lunch.  Gary and I met our friends Mel and Helen at the Canal Park in Holley (the next village west of Brockport).
We drove out there via Canal Road.
Some friends have a farm right next to the water.  Do they have great gardens!  Enough berries to feed the whole town.  What a setting.
Gar and I arrived first and picked out a nice picnic table in the shade...I brought real dishes and glasses just because!  This is the part out of the movies.
The park is well set up and can provide docking for many boats.
Tonight there was a concert there. The bands usually set up in the gazebo.
This is a picture of the lift bridge.

So what did we have for lunch?  Sun tea with lots of ice and fresh lemons.
Goat cheese with a sauce of cranberries and wine.  Havarti cheese with crackers and grapes.
(Mel wore this tee shirt for Gary's benefit...it gave him a reason to talk about Brooklyn, where he was born).
Helen is a working artist and Mel retired from SUNY Brockport, where he was the head of educational communication.  It was a perfect day to get together and we really took advantage of the setting.  WHY DON'T WE DO THIS MORE OFTEN?
We had egg and olive sandwiches (with spinach from you know where) on crusty rolls.
Fresh fruit with organic vanilla yougert.
The whole time we were there, the activity was very steady.
Boats of all shapes and sizes docked (or kept going).
This was a Grampa and Granchild.  They
stopped for awhile to have a picnic lunch.
After this boat docked, they immediately set up a "dish" on the dock.  Maybe they wanted to watch a soap opera, who knows?
This is a perfect example of the kind of sign that should be at every port and waterfront.  If you have been visiting my Journal for awhile, you may remember that I have been working on a project for several years called ART WALKS ON WATER.  (Trying to get a piece of art in over 230 towns along this 524 mile New York State Canal System).  They should all have a signs like this one.
I loved this.  The umbrella was for the dog.
Rollin' down the river....
There is a stone dust path that runs next to the Canal and it is used by bikers everyday.  Each summer there are several tours with over 500 participants.
Stopped at the Sidewalk Sale in Brockport to get a birthday present for our youngest grandaughter, then drove back to the farm.  Justine did chores tonight.

I went out to mow the rest of the lane after a 7pm dinner.  This plane was flying over the pasture.
It was so buggy, I left the horses masks on until just before dark....I love it when they are all waiting for me in the indoor so I don't have to go out into the pastures to take them off.

Of course the sky was amazing tonight, and my camera ran out of gas...missed some of the best shots of the week.

By the way, I spoke to Andrea about Abbe today.  She has not been behaving herself and it is getting very discouraging ....fortunately she shaped up a little today.  Tomorrow morning I am going out there for a lesson and we are going to hook her to the cart.  I sure hope it works. That's it for now.  Night all.


  1. Sounds like a fun and beautiful day! Good luck on carting your horse!

  2. I liked the umbrella for the doggie too. Definitely seems like a perfect day! thanks for sharing.

  3. I think the pictures where the dog is being covered by an umbrella is hysterical! Love that!

    I also love the very first picture of the barn and all of the colors, what beautiful juxtaposition.

    And, the food...oh my gosh, the food! I'm sitting here salivating and looking at that delicious egg sandwich and cheese and tea and grapes....your picnics are the best.

  4. Lori- Your hollyhocks are amazing! How do you do it? This year, mine have some weird brown spots on their leaves. What a gorgeous day - you're right, just like a movie.

  5. Dang! If you keep putting photos of food and beverages like that all setup so nice with nice surroundings and good friends to boot, I'm going to have to stop coming here. My mouth is watering. :D

  6. What a lovely place and a lovely life you have! Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad your computer is up and running again.


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