Saturday, July 18, 2009


It started with the usual drill.  Fed the horses, turned them out, cleaned the stalls.
When I took out the wheelbarrows (of our favorite fertilizer) some of the results were in the garden next to the barn.
This must me lily time everywhere.
The sky was beautiful from the get go.

Why do horses always face in the same direction?

This is how Abbe looked before she rolled.
When I got back from my lesson (above) with Abbe, some friends stopped by for a visit.  While Darrin was out in the barn riding Winnie, (Ma)Donna brought over her adorable grandaughter to see the horses.
They also wanted to have some time with Phoebe and Gucci...
Meanwhile, Darrin was out there getting in some riding time.  I let him use my Albion saddle today.
Then it was my turn.  It is the first time I've ridden her and it was no problem having a loose rein.  At the trot she wants to take off, but if you give her a half-halt you can go back real softness.  A great horse.

I had to pick up my new glasses before they closed at 4 and went on to Apple Creek Farm...mowing day.  Gucci and the Phoebster went with me and waited patiently in the car (with a couple of potty breaks).  My last 10 minutes of mowing was accompanied by rain, so I got fairly wet, and have to go back when things dry out tomorrow.  I take the money received for mowing and go straight to Tractor Supply to buy hay cubes.  Works out great.
The dogs love to run around over there.
Stopped to get some junk food on the way home.  The dogs split a $1 burger with nothing on it.
I watched "Doubt" (movie number 2 out of 4 that I plan to watch this weekend) while I ate my dinner.  Gary made it to Jamestown for the Swedish Festival, and hooked up with the Lyons, so I decided to indulge myself.
Can you see Big Bird hiding behind the flowers?
Justine's Mom did the chores tonight as she will be out of commission with her broken arm. Her entire family takes this job very seriously and they are extremely helpful (and generous).
When I went out to take off the masks I had to get into more flower photos...not quite so dark tonight.
When I got over by the Studio I took a look at the leaf casting I did on Tuesday with my class. Now,  have to figure out how to peel off the leaf.  I made it deep so I can use it for a bird bath in one of the gardens.
I decided to let the dogs run while I picked the back pasture.  The evening sky was gorgeous.

Those damn daisies have all grown up again, so I will be mowing the pasture tomorrow.

I was very happy to get back in the house...after I post this, intend to watch my 3rd movie (if I can stay awake).  First I have to put in the horses and take a shower.   Night all!


  1. You too live in a paradise! Aren't we lucky?!
    Greetings from south Sweden where it is raining today.
    The rain is much needed, it's been hot and mostly dry here for weeks now.

  2. It's nice that you are sharing photos of yourself (and that your are riding more).

    The flowers are wonderful. I'm trying desperately to grow daisy's and you are mowing them. Figure that one out! lol:)


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