Saturday, July 4, 2009


For the past 19 years there has been a 4th of July Celebration at the Morgan Manning House (Historical Society) in Brockport. This year Gary was the chairman of the event. Usually 2 or 3 hundred people show up and it is a major social event for our community.  There is food, entertainment and a Cake Walk for the kids (which adults try to get into).  Do you know what a cake walk is?  Numbers are placed on the ground and everyone stands on one.  There is a drummer in the middle.  Everyone pays a quarter to be in each round, and when the drumming stops they stand on a number.  In a pail are balls with numbers on them and one is drawn.  Whoever is standing on that spot wins a cake! 

Unlike last year, this year was a little chilly....BUT no rain!  Be sure and listen to the two videos at the bottom of the photos.  The first is a portion of a song Kelly Izzo performed (and wrote). She was accepted into a Woody Guthrie competition in Oklahoma that begins in a few days.  A great local talent and she is just a kid WHO IS GOING TO MAKE IT BIG....remember, you heard it here first.  The second video is of our Community Big Band.  A couple of weeks ago they performed at the International Jazz Festival in Rochester and I am proud to say it all started here in River City.  Don't forget to turn off my playlist so you can really hear them.

This is Kelly Izzo.  She has an amazing voice and I predict she will go places.

Here is the Community Big Band...When they were just starting a few short years ago, we had 
them perform in our indoor arena to raise funds for their sound system.  Top Shelf!


  1. Lori, that young lady has a very lovely voice I 2nd your 'going places' notion. Love the Big Band . . . before horses came into my life I was focused on becoming a sax musician, but . . . as horses kept coming a choice had to be made and the four hoofed one out over the one horn.
    Wonderful pics, looks like you had a great time.

  2. Looks like so much fun! It's rained here the last two years and been cool....which is weird, its usually hot around here this time of year...high only got to 69 degrees! We spent the day home, last night we went to a neighbors cookout, they go all out with fireworks!

  3. Thanks for the great pics--we were in Skaneateles for a family picnic so I couldn't make the celebration----Sara

  4. Your town's gathering is certainly what America is all about. So patriotic and fun. Good people, food, games and caring about one another. Thanks for the musical entertainment. (Of course it was so-0 hot and humid here but then that's Florida.)


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