Thursday, July 23, 2009


"Hi everybody!  It's Gucci  (Poochie) talkin."  "The paddock is muddy again."
"If you were smart, you wouldn't run around all the muddy spots and get so dirty."
"Don't the horses know it's raining?"

So much for morning chores.  Took a quick shower and drove down to the village to get a haircut.  When I went over the Main Street bridge (on the way home), noticed some interesting boats at the Welcome Center.
A grey, spitty morning.
Who wants to borrow a bike in this weather?
This 40 foot "yacht" was made in the Netherlands.  The couple, from Minnesota, went over there 10 years ago to buy it.  They gave up their home and chose to live on this gorgeous craft.
For a couple of years they traveled around Europe, then they put it on a freighter and had it shipped back home...  The husband promised the wife it would only be for 5 years...she is now ready to get back on land and the yacht is for sale.
I did not see the people who owned this one.
If you want to buy the one made in the Netherlands, here is the name of the person brokering the sale.
Not long after I crossed the bridge, it was raised to let this boat pass through.  It was made in Finland.  So interesting!
There is our mule sculpture overlooking the canal.  MJ will like that.

When I got home, I did nothing.  Was supposed to have a lunch date with a friend, but it was cancelled.  Did not work Abbe either....

I put together some flower arrangements for a political fundraiser Jenny was holding down at the Alumni House.  She stopped to pick them up on her way home from work.

Went out to do chores early so I could get down there by 5:30.

The candidate she is working with is running for the County Legislature.
You can always count on Helen being supportive.
Jen started off the introductions....
This is Sheldon M. ...the candidate.
The County Chairman was there...Joe M.  He is the kind of speaker I could listen to for hours.
No notes, from the heart and well informed.  He makes a lot of sense to me...
On the left is Pete, my duplicate bridge partner (we came in first the last time we substituted and they said they were not going to invite us back).  On the right is Sandy F., the Town Supervisor of Brighton.

It was a great turn out...and a top shelf event.  Jenny did a great job.


  1. I'm surprised to see the boats are European. I suppose there are boats makers in the States.
    Have you ever put a picture of the local library on your blog ?
    I ask this because our local one plans to make an exhibition on the theme 'Libraries all over the world". So if you have published such a picture, I would like to pick it for the exhibition.
    See you soon

  2. It must be hard not to sit down at the canal and watch boats all day!

    Jenny has such a magnetic smile and eyes...her personality really shows in the way her face lights up. What a beautiful lady.

    Rain, rain go away...


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