The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....


Thursday, July 30, 2009


Woke up at 6:15 to fog.

You would think the headless horseman was nearby.

The pups and I went out to do chores....nothing out of the ordinary.

Sunny morning...happy horses.

I like to take photos of them BEFORE I put their masks on.

Believe it or not, the steel below is enough to cover the indoor and studio roofs.

The back porch offers some shade.

Went to Wegmans as the frig was lookin' empty and I wanted to have some food for Gary when he got home. He had one of his wisdom teeth out on Monday and for a couple of days he was eating a lot of yougert.

I hope you all have reusable bags that you REMEMBER to take with you to the grocery store.
It makes sense to me....

Did a load of laundry....

Ate lunch, then went out to work on Pony. Got some hair off her, did a number on her dirty tail and gave her a quick sponge bath.

Then it was Abbe's turn. Took her directly to the outdoor ring and she was pretty good.

Drove her inside and outside.

Started on dinner and went out to do evening chores.

Flowers, flowers everywhere.

Shucks paw...I love havin beans and hots for dinner.

And the potato salad ain't too bad either. What else we havin?

Mademoiselle Gucci found a new place to perch.

It's almost 10...I am going to put the horses in before I fall asleep.

Berlin decided to roll while I had Abbe in the Tack Room. The radio was on and the music was appropriate. If I was like Sue out at the Dream Valley Ranch, maybe I could have titles and track music.

Night all.


  1. Thanks for sharing your day! I miss the fog. We don't get it out here in the desert.

  2. What I love best about this post is that you and the dogs went out to do chores! LOL! Exactly what were their responsibilities? =)

  3. At least it wasn't Pony going out and rolling right away!

    Funny that you mention canvas bags. I have never used them before, but when cleaning out a closet I found about 6 of various sizes and shapes. I decided to put them in the car to use the next time I go shopping. Great minds think alike I guess! lol :)

    The fog looks great. We rarely have fog as it is very dry here.


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