Wednesday, July 29, 2009


(I must work with Abbe today. She has had several days off and I have a lesson on Saturday).

This morning Gary left for Chautauqua to attend the "Take A Seat Auction"....the one he painted the chair for. I did chores as usual, and the ponies were out in the pasture for a very short time while I was cleaning stalls. The bugs were TERRIBLE! When is this rain going to take a rest?

The good part is the way the grass keeps growing.

I picked two pastures and then started reorganizing the tack room.

Wild sky.

Grabbed Masterpiece and he was the receiver of two hours of my undivided attention. At 30, he did not give up all of his winter hair...just 75% of the length. So today I dug out my clippers and did his entire body down to his knees. He should be a little more comfortable and looks pretty darn good.

Birds on a wire.....

Before Gary left, Brian (from Stockam Lumber) came over to measure some windows upstairs in the house and all of the ones in the Studio. If we can swing it, I would love to get small panes...
Here's a different view from the Studio area.

We have hundreds of black eyed Susans.

Trina did chores tonight, and just when she went out to pick the pasture, it started to rain.

Are these two puppies adorable or what?

See those raindrops...another Macro shot.

Just when I was getting ready to go out to Glen Darach Farm to watch Darrin's first lesson with Andrea, the semi arrived to drop off the roofing materials. See the post below.

I threw the dogs in the car, picked up some junk food, and caught up with Darrin around 7:15.

The majority of his lesson was spent trying on saddles....none of which really fit Winnie well.
The best we can do for now is to use a Mattes Pad under my Tristan dressage saddle....In the end, a new saddle is needed that does not put such pressure on her back. She is going to be very difficult to fit properly. Based on my experience with the saddle fitting clinics over the past 10 years....most people do not have a clue regarding how their saddles fit their horses. Why these creatures put up with us I will never know.

Winnie is now 24 and in her younger years she was a racehorse.

Even tho her saddle did not fit well, she has been very good to her riders. Andrea thinks she has a very kind soul.

She put her Passier saddle with my Mattes pad on Win and Darrin was able to ride for a few minutes. She spent almost 2 hours with him. We will do some ground work with her to keep her in good shape, and will figure out what is going to work to make Winnie comfortable.

It rained during the lesson...when it was time to leave, it stopped and the sunset was magnificent.

Andrea's second passion after horses...is gardening. Her property is loaded!

I headed home and had to stop for gas before I ran out.

Phoebe and Gucci are such good company. They like to be with me even if it means sacking out in the car for awhile.

Drove through the village. I love the night lights.

Here's another shot of our Art Deco movie theater.

It's late, I have to go put the horses in. Night all.


  1. I'm always talking about how it would be better to live here or there with all the green you have and shorter winter, but the bugs. Now we have bugs, but apparently nothing like your bugs as mine nothing is bugging my animals (or me). And I don't have snakes or spiders larger than my thumb nail. I'm beginning to thing that although my winters are terribly long, the trade off isn't so bad. I'm so sorry your horse deal with bugs (btw chickens eat a lot of bugs...maybe you should pair them up).

    The black-eyed susans are awesome...I almost planted those instead of Daisys.

    Sunset is beautiful. I love Gucci's face. I wonder if you cute Phoebe's "beard" like Gucci's if she'd be more like a lady. Cuddley dogs none-the-less.

  2. Winnie is beautiful!
    I have to say that that picture of the two canine misses is stunning Lori!!!! My favourite so far, and I know I've liked many others you've taken.
    Warm greetings from Sweden!

  3. We have a fine upstanding gentleman dog, a Pekingese, who might like the cute farm girls posing so regally. I might have to show him how nice life on a farm in NY state could be. (He could run like crazy up there if he ever had the energy.)

    I think the Art Deco theater is terrific.

  4. Lori,
    I love many of your photos, but that shot of Phoebie and Guccie is outstanding! It looks just like an illustration from a children's book (Eat your heart out Jon Katz). Hope someone in class will do it in watercolor. They certainly are adorable! Please give them a treat for me.


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