Sunday, February 18, 2024

Way Too Cold

Little Wonder looks like a peanut in Buddy's stall.

The wind was so strong I put some extra hay behind the grooming room to block it.

They also had hay nets inside, but Rebel would not let Buddy in.

The house was nice and cozy....

but it started looking like a wind tunnel outside and by noon I put the horses back in their stalls.

Gary went down to Winter Serenades.
Around 4:30 I let the horses back out and picked their stalls before setting them up again.

I have been having problems getting new songs on my iPad, so our pal Doug came over to educate me.  I wrote down the directions so I won't forget how to do it.
I invited him for dinner.  White pasta and a salad.
Night all.



Terra said...

Your horses have a nice sheltered barn and coats for these cold days.

Sandra said...

You do take excellent care of your ponies. Naughty Rebel! It's a benefit to have a friend who can help you understand some of the unfamiliar technology.

Val Ewing said...

Herd dynamics are always intriguing. We just shot up to 47 from a high of 30 yesterday!

I often need help with some technology!