Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Blowin' in the Wind

The barn temperature last night was 50 degrees and it held until this morning.  We had I high of 66 and it's going to drop to 20.  Yikes!

I got everything ready for our she sings practice, then checked on the ponies and they were under the shed roof chowing.  Also grabbed some bran out of the feed room so I could have it ready for their evening meal.

All the band members were here by 1pm to set up.  Acoustic today so that was easy.
We worked on several new songs and it was frustrating.
By 2pm the temperature had dropped quite a bit and it was very windy.  We have been having high wind warnings and some friends in Kendall have no power.  Anyway....I took a quick break from music and put Rebel and Buddy in their stalls.  Big drops and colic make me nervous!

The practice ended up being good for me as I played the bass on every song....most of which I had never played before.  It's getting easier.

Everyone was gone by 4:30.

I went back out to the barn after I made a nice warm bran mash.  Put the Rambos on the boys and turned them out for a few minutes while I reset their stalls.

Dinner was an instant replay.  I needed more pasta and had no fat I broke up some lasagna into little pieces and it worked out well.
Hopefully we won't lose power or have any wind damage.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Hope the ponies stay well all night. Well done for the music.

Val Ewing said...

Hopefully no colic showed up at your place.

So far so good here. We had a 57 degree drop in 5 hours on Tuesday evening.

Sandra said...

Those two boys are very well tended. That's a really good idea to use lasagna noodles. Our weather has also been a rollercoaster.