Monday, February 5, 2024

One Hour

We started out grey but ended up with brilliant sunshine.

At noon I had an appointment with my massage therapist and for the first time I was there for a full hour (instead of half).  More $$$$ but boy!  What a difference.  Felt good afterward and have been drinking a lot of water.  If you have never had a massage, I would highly recommend it.  For me, it's like a preventative.  Feels good and gets rid of lactic acid.  On the way home, the sun was out....full blast.

Had some some polka kielbasa in the frig and was trying to think of something to do with it.  Ended up throwing it in (after I browned it) with some cheesy scalloped potatoes.

By chore time (5:30) the sky was pretty dramatic to the East.

This is how my casserole turned out and it was outstanding.  Would do this again.
Big yum!
Night all.


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Sandra said...

The casserole looks delicious! The sun just now made an appearance.