Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Paying It Forward With Alice

What an interesting day.  Chores as usual, Gary went to visit friends, out to lunch, practiced playing my bass uke, chores, sitting by the fire.......

It looked pretty good at 8am.

When we finished chores, Little Wonder and Sid met up on the porch to Gary's barn.

So sweet!

This crazy weather has buds on the daffodils.
Another new blossom this morning.
Now for my favorite story of the day.
A couple of weeks ago Alice (the pony's favorite spa day person) and I went out to lunch in Brockport.  When it was time to leave we went to the bar to pay our tab and the only person sitting there said "I've got it!" and he bought our lunches....$32!  We thanked him, bought him a beer and said we would pay it forward.  Well, today was the day.  We went to Rorbach's and on our way to being seated, picked out a couple of people sitting three booths away from us.  Then we talked to the hostess and waitress about our plan and they were totally cooperative.  We ate lunch, got their bill, and the waitress told them we were the ones who picked up the tab. Guess how much it was!  $32! I got permission to take their photo...they were so grateful!  Now they are going to do the same.  I can't tell you how happy this experience made us!  We will do it again.  Have you ever done this?

I had a Reuben and German Potato Salad....
Alice had a Bacon Bourbon Burger and Mac Salad.  We pigged out (and I ended up having shredded wheat for dinner).
This afternoon, this was a first.  Sid and Seymour were on the bed at the same time.

I spent some time practicing my Bass baritone uke to some music found online.

Late afternoon it started to snow like crazy.

I put the boys in a little early.

213 - 214.  Do you know what that means?  So sad.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

We don't eat out very often at all, but when a friend gives me apples, she gets in return apple sponge pudding . A lovely idea, how funny the amounts were the same. Lovely sunny day here, and my friend ( the apple one) is here to stack the first load of firewood into the shed. Paid work, and as it is so hot, maybe extra "Heat Money" would be appropriate !!!

Sandra said...

We rarely eat out so I have not done that. It's a kind gesture. We are supposed to get a little snow later today. I do not know what the numbers mean.