Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Started Off In The High Teens

Yet another brilliant day.

Can't believe I am still riding this trike.
Gary had yoga and went out to lunch with the geezers.  My buddies and I were not very productive.

Gary managed to get in a good nap when he got home and then it was time to hang out by the fire.
Every night I am going out to tuck the boys in a little bit later.

I took these photos of the interior to show someone.  Check out those trees for beams.

The sunset was beautiful by the time I was finished.

My stomach is still not back to normal so I had bland things to eat all day and tried French Toast tonight.  A friend said there is a stomach bug going around.   Do I have it?
Night all.
I was happy with the DC Court of Appeals today.
Maybe there is some hope after all.



Val Ewing said...

I was happy with the appeals also. I love how they presented their reasoning!

Hope you feel better.

Sandra said...

Your barn is built like a fortress! I, too, am pleased about the ruling.