Friday, February 23, 2024

A Transition is On the Way

Nice and mild today. Hit 50 this afternoon then it started to tumble.

There is a restaurant in Brockport called Jimmy Z's and it has been a popular haunt for locals and college students for a very long time.  On the 29th it will be closing for good.  
They specialize in Shakes and in the garbage popular.
Jimmy and his father have been very active in our community and it has brought them great success.  Today we planned on going there for a farewell lunch and when we got down town....there was a line half a block long.  Jimmie posted that between yesterday and today 2,000 people stopped in to eat.
We decided to keep driving and ended up at The Farmer's Table in Hamlin.

It was so toasty in the car on the way home...plenty of solar vibes.  Gary sat out on the porch for awhile.
I did some stuff around the house and went out for chores a little before 6.

Two muddy boys and 

a  gorgeous moon.

No cooking tonight.
On April 8th, Brockport is on the centerline of totality for the great North American Solar Eclipse.  It is going to be a very big deal in our area and over 300,000 people are expected to be here or near here.  The College at Brockport will be the center and plans have been worked on for almost a year.  Parking ($80 per car), food trucks, music, security, porta johns and more.  Two families will be staying at our farm for several days and they have relatives right near the campus.  I can't imagine the traffic and where all the cars are going to land.  If there was a shuttle, we could take on at least 50.  This is going to be a very unique experience.  I had no idea there was this much interest!
Anyway, today I went out and bought some new towels in preparation for our guests.  They are all washed and ready to go.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

6 p.m. and dark at our place.You are going to be extra busy with guests, new towels are always wonderful.

Sandra said...

WOW! Things will be bustling.

I suppose the dad wanted to retire and the son didn't want to carry on? The place is obviously popular.