Monday, February 12, 2024

Half of a Vacation Day....

Back to dull and cooler.

After chores I picked part of the small pasture (I can't believe what good shape it is in) and Gary helped me fill up the water trough.  Fortunately we have not had to use the heater for much of the winter.  Cooler days are on the way tho.
At one I arrived at Bobby's for bridge and we played until 4:30!  While there, she gave me this video she took at the concert yesterday.  You can't hear them very well, but the audience participated in this song.
Chores before dark and leftovers (from Jenny) for dinner.

Off duty.
Night all.



Sandra said...

It's cloudy here. I couldn't hear the audience but the music was good.

Nancy J said...

Lovely harmony. I saw on our TV that atrocious weather has arrived in north east US.