Tuesday, February 27, 2024

73 Degrees, A Spa Day and a Dissertation of photos

Today was a record breaker.

After breakfast I took off the boy's cotton sheets and they were back to nakedness.

Finished chores and went into the house for about half and hour before Alice arrived.

She lured Buddy and Rebel into the grooming room with cookies.

Buddy always gets groomed first as Rebel is able to wait very patiently.

When Alice is finished, it is my job to pick their feet and put on hoof dressing.

We were out there for about an hour and a half and both boys loved every minute.
Check out those dapples on Buddy.
He walked Alice to the gate.

It was so nice this afternoon I decided to clean and fill the water trough while Gary did the buckets for the stalls and dumped the wheelbarrow.

The sun disappeared and we had some light rain late afternoon.

Earlier, I put together the beginning of dinner and after chores I made a salad with tangerines, bananas, walnuts, mixed greens and poppy seed dressing.
I sautéed some onions with sliced polka kielbasa, added about a cup and a half of sauerkraut and a shot of cider vinegar.  Put that in a crockpot and covered it with a mixture of mushroom soup and half a cup of milk.  Let it cook all afternoon and it was delicious on big fat noodles.

Tomorrow will start in the 50s, go to the 60s and drop to the 30s by 3pm.  I will definately be putting sheets back on the boys before our She Sings practice here.  Big drops in temperature can bring on colic.
If you made it this far, you are a real trooper.
Night all.


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Sandra said...

They sure do like their Alice time. She is quite comfortable with the boys now. That looks like a hearty meal!