Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Perfect Combination

We started off in the teens, but ended up in the mid 30s with some melting.

Once again I put the hay in the sunshine.

There is an open crate on the porch to Gary's barn and when the sun hits it (early am) Sidney likes to go in for a solar fix.

I finished revamping the kitchen and other than that I was a slug.

I went out a little later for evening chores as it was still light and felt pretty good.

Eggs, home fries and toast for dinner.
Night all.
Some jerk payed $9000 for a pair of golden high tops!



Nancy J said...

That jerk must have ample spare cash !!!

Sandra said...

OMG! Beyond my ability to comprehend.

Your version of being a slug would be my version of productivity! It's a matter of perspective. 😉