Sunday, November 8, 2009



This morning I expected the headless horseman to ride through the farm.

As the sun rose, my camera followed it.

Then poof! By the time we finished the stalls everything was back to normal.

Around 10:30 the dogs rode with me down to Apple Creek Farm where I picked bags of apples off the ground. The orchard had already been formally harvested but there were still tons and tons of apples that had fallen from the trees. A feast for the deer in the area, that was being shared with our horses.

It was all I could do to keep track of Gucci.

By now it was at over 60 degrees....

I always have water with me for the dogs.

When I got home, Gary was "pointing up" the stone foundation of the horse barn. There is enough work there for a new career.

At 2:30 Darrin came over with the horse trailer so we could go for a ride in the park. This was the second time I used the bitless bridle on Berlin and we were in a wide open situation.

She was a good girl and passed the test.

By the time we got back to the trailer, the sun was starting to go down.

The photo below was taken as we were pulling out of the parking lot. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the truck and missed out on some spectacular shots in the woods.

When we got home, Trina and the kids were in good shape with chores.

At 5:30 Phoebe, Gucci and I jumped in the car again and went down to check on Jenny's dogs (their family took a little day trip).

Gucci was trying to keep an eye out for Ice and Buster (who must look like elephants to her) while Phoebe found a quiet spot and didn't move.

Home in time to have leftovers for dinner. Now I need a hot shower and some couch time in front of the fire. What a beautiful day. Night all.


  1. Great photos of the sunrise in the fog! Sounds like an enjoyable day!

  2. Wow! Your photos of the sunrise and fog were gorgeous! Good thing you woke up so early.
    I'm glad that the bitless is working out so well for you and that you got to enjoy a beautiful ride, too.


  3. I bet the apples on the ground are better than the produce in my local stores. One of the best things about taking a vacation out of Alaska is eating fresh produce. We pay an arm and a leg for under-ripe bruised fruit and vegetables. I hope your horses enjoy! :)

  4. Another beautiful day at Skoog Farm :) Loved the foggy early morning pics ... I, too, would've been looking out for the headless horseman !

  5. Really enjoyable picture from a lovely day! I really love your pet!! :-)

    - Pixellicious Photos

  6. It was nice to spend another day with you. I love Gucci's ears flopping up in the air.

  7. Very cool shots of the low-lying fog, especially the sunrise through the fog.

  8. Beautiful photos! I've been using my Dr. Cook's with my Maisie on the trail, and it's been great for that so far.


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