Sunday, March 28, 2010


Not too bad out there this morning. No frost...light sky...quiet.
Headed out to the barn a little after 7:30.
My Pone was standing there waiting for me................
Grained the horses and fed them hay out in the pasture...third day in a row.

Phoebe was licking her chops over something...what could that be?

Barb and her husband showed up around 8:30 with 6 HEAVY mats that will go in her horse's stall.

After they were unloaded she went out and got some crush and run to help level off the stall. This little lady knows how to work, and as this is her first horse, she wants him to be as comfortable as possible. Two butt busting days in a row.

By the time I moved the Pone's feeder, water bucket and hay bag to her new old stall, it was almost 11:30.

We were invited down to Apple Creek Farm for brunch....arrived at 1pm.

Jack rigged a stool with a pillow so Gar could keep his foot up.

As my brain was not functioning, I did not take pictures of the food before we started to eat. It was delish.

After eating we went into the living room and in the middle of our conversation I fell asleep! Not too tired????
Almost all of the apple trees in the orchard have now been pruned.

It started to rain late in the afternoon, so I put the horses in early (forgot to take my camera). My brain is so shot!

Invited Madonna over for a simple supper. Again, I forgot to take pictures. Sloppy Joes....

We taught her to play Sequence after we ate.

I skunked them 3 games in a row. Once again, my lids were very heavy.
I quit. Back tomorrow.
Night all.


  1. Get some rest - sounds like you need it!

  2. I could guess what Phoebe might have had but I won't. I hope you are getting some rest!

  3. Lori...the very first picture is amazing...everything looks so crisp. I love the colors as well..grays and oranges......

  4. You definitely need to take a break if you are falling asleep while out. Althought it's nice that you felt so comfortable to do so.

  5. I could fall asleep too after a good meal and a busy day!

  6. Lori, I love your daily photo journals, but boy they make me tired!! And you call this retirement? ha-ha

  7. Such busy days. After all that socializing I think I'd feel tired, too. hehe!

    What a nice friend to serve you brunch and make Gary so comfortable, too.



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