Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well, it was not very pretty this morning either ... windy and cold when I went out to the barn.

Dream checked out the premises the same way she does every morning.

I started the drill. First I set up the grain...added the supplements and beet pulp, then put it in their feed bins.

While they ate their grain I put the hay out in the front paddock.

They all needed some protection, so the rain sheets were put on.

Gary helped me clean the stalls.

I set up Pony's hay cubes for the night feed....and soaked the beat pulp.

I like to set up the hay and water after finishing up in the morning.

Pony now occupies what used to be three stalls...it must be 30 feet long.

Berlin has about four feet less. Our barn, over 100 years old, is not like the pretty new ones, but it is cozy...they all have mats and clean bedding.

Swept out the aisle...

and closed the gate....

Dream is back where she started. When I open the door in the morning she is always looking out the back window.

Cleaned up the feed room.

Swept the floor....

and headed back to the house.

Look at PC! He rolled in the first half hour.

Within a couple of hours it started to rain and was off and on for the rest of the day.

Fortunately they spent part of the time in the indoor and were not too soaked.

I had to go to Wegmans and stopped at Tractor Supply to pick up some bedding.

When I got home, sat by the fire and watched a movie.

The pups took a nap.

I felt sorry for the ponies, and put them in early.

The routine started over...gave them their grain and blah blah blah.
Pony is starting to get used to her big stall.

I was all done before 5:30.

Gary and Randy went to a basketball game in Buffalo....

and I am vegging.

Let Bermuda in so he could have some company and a bowl of milk.

Over and out.....

Night all.


  1. We had a nasty cold rain with wind all day today. Hoping it clears through by tomorrow - they're saying sunshine for next week so keep your fingers crossed!

  2. Oh I hear ya about the rain and wind..We have seen a big amount of rain and a lot of wind.. We lost our Hydo today due to a tree falling onto the lines then hitting a SUV parked on the road..Just a few streets away from our house..Hope you enjoy your night... Hugs..

  3. ooou...like I said..our March Lion showed up..now we have snow flurries.
    But, I am happy with waiting...it will warm eventually so..and Rain too...like you have, all has to run it's course before the good times!

    Your barn is so well kept by you! It is very cool! So much character!


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