Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Let the pups out and checked to see if Bermuda was around...he has been gone for 4 days. Yes! he was right on his bed. Gave him a can of moist food and more dry and he was not that excited about eating. I wonder where he has been.

Fed Phoebe and things ready for the horses.

A little snowy...not that cold.

No chorus for two weeks, so I was not in such a rush this morning.

I put the hay under the shed roof so the ponies would have a little more protection.

Berlin and Masterpiece have no problem sharing.

I tried to grab a shot of the snow blowing off the roof....didn't quite work...

Dream found her way over to the hay I put under the shed roof near the indoor.

All done by 9:30.

The dogs supplied me with some "wrestlemania" entertainment.

Not a day goes by, when they don't do this.

Went to the store after lunch...picked up some haycubes for the Pone at Tractor Supply.
Was not very productive today.

Back out for evening chores. Gucci stuck it out....Phoebe went back in the house.

Finished putting dinner together. Mixed greens with mango (it was perfect) and banana.

Boneless pork chops split in half, pounded....dredged in flour, put in an egg wash and dipped in cracker crumbs.

Roasted potatoes, carrots, onions and a little cabbage.

At 6:25 I jumped in the shower and went down to the Middle School for concert presented by the Community Big Band.

It was a benefit for the local food shelf.

Look who I sat next to...and he had his camera. Gary was home sick, Arlene didn't want to attend, so Randy and I went to the concert.

Our friend Monika manages the food shelf. They feed 200-250 people per month.

Usually, the Big Band performs alone. Tonight we were introduced to a middle school chorus...

and they were great!

Next, we listened to the jazz band.

Theses kids are starting young and will be awesome by the time they hit high school.

The Community Big Band is very polished. They have been invited to play at the International Jazz Festival in the company of "Big Boys."

It was started about 5 years ago by Laurie B. (playing the trumpet).

It is made up of teachers, dentists etc.

Their leader also plays the sax...and he dazzled us!

Home by 9 and I am so tired.

Gucci and Phoebe have the right idea...they sack out under my computer table. Night all.


Jo said...

Wow, what a lovely post as always. From the early morning chores, your delightful menagerie (I never knew horses didn't like to share - shows how much I know about these regal animals! and I also wonder where Bermuda has been) to the wonderful evening of divine music. I could almost hear the leader on the saxaphone... Have a wonderful day. (((Hugs))) Jo

elvira pajarola said...

Buongiorno...cara Lory..

I quickly do respond your question:
...oh, I am very happy you like my Arabian girl SHYLA...this is the abbreviation of her sooo loooong Arabian Name.., she is 18 years young; lives freely(!!) around our house and fields (no street and cars) and enjoys "actively" with us our family life...!
Yes...there was another magnificient horse; her half brother; Attilla: A recent post of mine:

...there is a picture of him....
it hurts still so much; I lost him a little while ago!

WONDERFUL Pictures of your horses enjoying the hay.....!
have a very happy day!
ciao ciao elvira

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a vibrant, involved community - what a good place to live!

Sandra said...

Another good, fulfilling day. Your dogs are so cute!

Maery Rose said...

Another yummy looking dinner. And it looks like a fun evening filled with music.

Frank said...

You did a great job covering the concert. Your photos are terrific...felt like I was there.

The wrestlemania shots of those killer pups are hilarious.

BTW - I can not believe people actually steal horses in the 21st century. Amazing. Sick!!