Monday, February 15, 2010


Farewell Winnie. Tomorrow morning she will be moving to another farm and I wish her all the best. She has been a model boarder and is such a sweet girl. I hope it does not take her long to make new friends.

No it was not snowing this morning, this was taken awhile ago.

When I went out to the barn today, it was mild again. I got through chores in no time.

Dream is going to miss Winnie.

Before long, the sky turned a bright blue and we got up to the mid 30s. Fabulous!

Late morning I started dismantling our bedroom so Gary could do some prep work before painting it.

A lot of the junk went into the library...tonight I sorted it out and put some of it away.

Here are a couple of before shots.... The color I picked is Pecan. It will be quite a change.

We had a fire going all day and by 3pm I was on the couch ready for a nap.

It was a very doggy day...I am determined to get some good pictures of Phoebe and Gucci.

So here goes.

When I learn how to really use my new camera....

I would love to do a series of portraits.

These two pups are my guinea pigs for now.

Maybe it's time to read the book that came with my Cannon Powershot....

The eyes are so important.

Eventually, I will get it. Phoebe had a professional photo shoot and she was extremely cooperative. Great props and excellent lighting. Tomorrow I can post some examples.

There's no doubt about it, light is the most important factor.

As in the example below. The conditions were right.

Had a lot of fun experimenting this afternoon.

I used my zoom to catch the horses from the back porch.

Hey Berlin!

Dream was back in the outdoor arena.

I started dinner and went out to do chores. At 6pm it was still light.

Can you see that little sliver of a moon?

Dinner???? A salad with apples and oranges....

BBQed Country Ribs....

and sweet potatoes.

Time to rest. Night all.


Maery Rose said...

Oh, those ribs look good! Sorry to see Winnie go. I hope she does well at her new home.

Callie Brady said...

Great photos! I would love that dinner!

B : ) said...

Ahhh I feel so relaxed! Another wonderful day.

Achieve1dream said...

I always leave your blog feeling hungry lol! Supper looked great!

I know how you feel about your library. It always seems like when I organize one room another takes all the junk. Maybe I should get rid of some junk instead of bouncing it from room to room lol.

I think your pictures turned out great! :) I think some of the best pictures I take are ones I took by accident lol. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good photos! Sorry Winnie is leaving - hope all goes well for her in her new home.

Gayle said...

Pecan? I'm not sure I know the color...hopefully I'll find shots of the news walls as I move up through the posts.

Bummer you are losing Winnie. Is she going to a farm closer to her owners? Hope it works out.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Your new camera is taking great shots. Love the composition of the animal shots...and of course all the food ;-).