Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Friday, February 5, 2010


Head 'um up ...move 'um out! Mush you huskies!!!

Out to the barn a little after 7:30...sort of mild and grey.

"Can we go back in the house now????" I don't get much done before Phoebe and Gucci poop out on me.

Fed the ponies and put the hay out in the pasture.

Finished chores around 9:40. In the winter, I use two wheel barrows and fill them up
(6 stalls).

When I got back to the house, the pups went out for another romp.

My friend Karen (the side saddle rider I posted yesterday) was coming out at 10 so I wanted them to have a chance to run around.

We planned on going to lunch locally, but we had plenty of time and decided to go out to....
our favorite restaurant!

The chef/owner (Steve) teased me about taking pictures (which I do everytime we are there) and then struck a pose for me.

Karen and I had great lunches and lots of conversation.

We sat next to the fish tank.

Home around 2 or so.

At 3 Gary headed down to the Alumni House for First Friday.

I arrived around 4:30. Justine was doing chores and I had no Therapy Dog duties (for three years we were in a reading program at an elementary school on Fridays).

This face has to be pretty familiar to you. It is Topper. We are constantly taking pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.

The turn out was very good. Above, Carol and Betty are catching up....

Wine and soft drinks are available and I forgot to take pictures of the food! It was especially good today.

Greg (above) and Biser (below) work with Gary and have done a great job helping to turn this into a very successful event.

You can count on Clyde (below) being there. He and his wife seldom miss a First Friday.

Carrie and our daughter Jenny have been great supporters since it started over two years ago.

Greg T. plays the keyboard and sings at these events. This is the first time I have seen anyone dance.

We are definitely going to get him up to the farm for a party.

There goes Topper again!

Such good friends and great sports.

Home around 6 and I have no intention of making dinner or taking any pictures. Night all.

PS.... Hello Bing and Ruth. I hope you are looking at this post so you can catch up on all the happenings in Brockport. So sorry that you are in Florida soaking up the sun when you could be up here with all the snow!


Maery Rose said...

Looks like a fun time. Your snow must be different than ours if you can push a wheel barrel around in it. I have muck buckets that I tie string to the handles and drag outside.

Jo said...

What a fun day. I was thrilled to put a face to "Jenny"w who helps you so often. (((Hugs))) Jo

Gayle said...

What are your First Fridays about? We have "First Fridays" here and they are about art. Different places host them each month. This month it was at Elijah's private Catholic School (no, we aren't Catholic). I took photos of his "art", but there were also actual artists there. Your FF looked like a lot of fun. And a lunch date, too....what a busy day for you.

San said...

Great photographs of good times.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You lead such a socially active life. How do you keep up? I used to be more social, but it got overwhelming for me. I prefer animals over people. I think I'm just more introverted and quiet. I do much better one on one with people and not very often. I need a few days after social events just to decompress. I know....weird, but that's just the way God made me. lol!