Saturday, February 27, 2010


It may have stopped snowing during the night, but this morning it started up again.

By the time I went out to the barn, we had three more inches.

I shoveled a path and did a little work on the paddock before Gary got out there to help me with chores.

The branches of all the fir trees were very heavy with snow.

We had over 12 inches yesterday.

After I grained the horses and put the hay out (much of it under the shed roof) it looked like this!!!!

It was coming down fast.

At least the temperature was around 32 degrees.

While I finished up in the barn...Gary continued to work on the driveway.

Eventually he said "enough is enough" and left the rest for plowing.

By mid afternoon, we had a call from Darrin and Trina, who were out snow blowing half of the world. They stopped by and cleaned up the rest of the driveway. Very good samaritans and have always been extremely generous when it comes to working around Skoog Farm. We cancelled the plow.

Louise and Jack stopped up around three with a bag of cookies from Greg'rys. It was tea time!
A nice treat and great conversation. We covered many topics!

When they left, I went out to do chores. It was still snowing....we approached 2 feet by 6 tonight.

The pups had a good run.

It was pitch black by the time we headed back to the house.

Above, you can get a sense of how much snow we have. This is the driveway that goes from the barn back toward the house.

Dinner???? No way...this was junk food night!

I stopped at Aldi's for a bag of chips....

and then drove over to Subway with my coupon, buy one get one free.


Fortunately the flowers on our kitchen table are still going strong. It's as close as we've been to sunshine in days.

Night all.


Lorac said...

In the same boat here! I am so tried of shoveling and it's still going. Due to the temperature being right at freezing the roads have turned to ice as well. Love all you animal pics. I am going to have to get some bright yellow flowers!

Pat said...

That is a phenomenal amount of snow! You deserve that fast food, and besides Subway is healthy fast food. You sure do work hard from sunup to sundown.

Brooke (FBX Adventures - In Parenting) said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm from Pennsylvania, and now live in Washington State. I miss the snow (easy for me to say right) but DO NOT miss cleaning up the snow! I couldn't imagine having to take care of my horse in 2 feet of snow. I also miss Aldi's. Sigh....

I'll try to send some sunshine your way. :)

Jo said...

Lori, I say it again;) you work so hard and to cope with this new fall of snow, TWO FEET! you deserve a quick supper and fast food is not all bad. I love the horses and dogs and the deep trench which is your driveway. Different to anything I know. Thanks for sharing.

Callie Brady said...

Yes! This is definitely tea, cookies and junk food weather! Good that you have those flowers to remind you that Spring is on the way.

elvira pajarola said...

Carissima Lori.......You've got some "snow-shoveling-helpers"...two of them...;my two boys... 13 & 9 , looking over my shoulder and admiring(!!!) all this wonderful, fluffy, white snow... the horses, the farm in its white fairytale dress...!

Your Photos are every time more beautiful....I can see you are enjoying yourself very much....!!!!

....Can't wait to see the sunrays touching this wonderful winterscene: it will be wonderful!!!

Have a happy sunday, Cara!!
ciao ciao elvira

Diary From Africa said...

These photo's are just beautiful - I know that all the snow is hard work for you, but looks simply magical in the photo's ... and to think I have just come back from a hot, humid tropical beach ! After a cold and snowy day like that, I'd say that you more than deserved a nice takeaway of 'junk' food !!!! Keep warm .....

Grey Horse Matters said...

I know how you feel, we've got the same sort of mess here too. Even the horses are sick of it and want to come in early.

Anonymous said...

Yet more snow?! Is it even going to stop?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

My oh my! That's a lot of snow! It's snowing here again, but I don't think we're supposed to get more than 3-5" of it. I just don't like these Spring snows at all. They tend to be so wet and heavy. bleh!

I should go check out our closest Aldi's in Moriarty. It's only about 20 minutes from here. I love Subway subs! My favorite, though is the Albuquerque Turkey (turkey, guacamole, bacon and green chile!). I like mine on a flat wrap, though. Yummo!

Your flower photo is just so artsy. Pretty!


CoyoteFe said...

Egad! Selfishly, I must say that we are glad this one bypassed us! Is there a snowblower in your future?

Victoria Cummings said...

My husband has dubbed this "The Year of the Snowblower". We've said we're going to get one for years, but this summer, when they go on sale, we'll be there. We've got a small lake under all our snow since the temps have been above freezing. It's making a muddy mess around the barn. I actually wish we had just more snow like you've got. Great photos!

B : ) said...

It's all so beautiful - the shots are just awe inspiring. That little white frozen cowlick on the mane is adorable.

Achieve1dream said...

Even though I haven't been commenting, I'm still reading and enjoying your blog. :) I can't believe how much snow you've gotten!! I hope it'll all go away soon. We've had a pretty week, finally. Gotta love the south.

Yuck I hate Subway! Then again I work there so I eat it almost every day. :)

Great pictures!!