Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I was very interested in seeing how Dream managed last night with her food in a new place. There she was (as usual) waiting for me to open the barn door. Made the trek out to the pasture and came back into Winnie's old stall to get her morning grain. What a good girl.

After the horses went out for their hay I had a grain delivery. 2 bags less.

I let Dick back out of the paddock and got busy cleaning the stalls.

There is definitely a minor warming trend this week. Being in the 30s is a marked improvement.

When I got back in the house Phoebe and Gucci decided to go for a workout.

I took a ton of pictures and can't possibly post them all.

Still waiting for opportunities to get a good portrait.

How's that for a lack of cooperation?

And then she had the nerve to stick her tongue out at me...

Made a quick trip to Wegmans. Jenny and her neighbor (Sharmene) were coming up for dinner as their husbands and kids were occupied. Needed a few supplies for the menu.

I brought Bermuda into the house for a couple of hours. He must get so bored....

Gary plugged away in the bedroom. The priming is finished and this afternoon he worked on the ceiling.

In the meantime, I made a pot of potato/cheddar/bacon soup.

It started snowing....

and by the time I went out to do evening chores it was really coming down.

In no time, the dogs were covered....

At that time we probably had 3 inches.

I shoveled a path out to the barn...

and went out to take some pictures of the ponies.

When I used a flash, the snowflakes appeared.

Except for Pony, the other horses were in the outdoor arena behind the indoor.

I couldn't resist messing around with my camera. This time I used the Canon Powershot A560 (not my new one).

I do believe the ponies were rather enjoying the snow. They were playing in it earlier.

Set up their grain and put them in for the night.

Let the pups out in the back yard for a minute...this is like a white on white shot.

Set the table and got ready for dinner.

Shoveled for about 45 minutes, as we now had about 5 inches of snow. Jenny was going to be late.. .it was slow going on the way home from work.

They arrived a little before 7. Look at the flowers Sharmene brought. Just what I needed on this snowy day.

Dinner? A gigantic salad (because all four of us are salad freaks) and banana.

The soup I made earlier.

A 7 grain crusty bread.

We ended the meal with a piece of the (leftover) pineapple upside down cake from last night.

Jenny brought us a fancy box of tea...we tried one out with dessert.

By 8:30 they returned to Brockport and here I am...trying to do this and keep an eye on the Olympics.

Iamoutahere. Night all.


Dream Valley Ranch said...

Hi Lori,
How is Dream adjusting to life without her BFF? Are she and Pony starting to flirt?
Hoping she is happy!
xoxo said...

I love the one with the tongue sticking out & the one with the ears flying up!

Lorac said...

Wonderful pictures of the horses and the farm. Especially the pics with snow falling with the horses. You have a lovely home and boy does that meal look good!

Unknown said...

You have made very beautifuk pictures of your animals. It was a pleasure to look at them.
The winter holidays are coming to their end. It has been raining or snowing every day. Sad weather.Difficult to make good pictures.
Le Cheval has made all his homework, which was important. I have learnt to use a new software to create exercises for children and the time flows...
See you soon

Gayle said...

All that fluffy new snow. Wouldn't my kids love that. We still barely have any and I haven't heard of any in the forecast. Nice relaxing evening.

Anonymous said...

Liked the snow photos! We're getting slightly into the 30s too, at least for a few days. Liked the look of that bread!

Jill said...

Phoebe and Gucci are so cute! Such big brown eyes. Love the picture of Gucci's ears in the air.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love IMG_0031. Great idea about the flash. I took some long exposure shots last night. Fun, eh?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love all your pictures. We got snow the other day too... alot. That potato soup sounds so good, what a great dinner for a cold night. But I love the flowers, exactly what we need this time of year to brighten the days up.

p.s. like the song that is playing now.