Thursday, February 11, 2010


Beautiful from the get go!

The way the sun was coming into the kitchen, I knew it would be a day for lots of picture taking.

The pups and I headed out to the barn around 7:30.

So bright.



Does it really look like this in Colorado?

Gary got back from Java early and helped me in the barn.

Pony is the only one that gets hay in a bag.

The rest eat it from the floor....I always fluff it up and put it on their mats.

Finished up around 9:30.

Could the sky be more spectacular?

Gar put 8 buckets of water in the trough so I didn't have to thaw out the hose. The water level was getting too low to have the heater work right.

He went down to let Jenny's dogs out...and a little before 12 we left to meet her at PF Changs for lunch.

It was about 40 minutes from our house. Here we are passing through Rochester.

Jenny works in the city, so she had a much shorter ride.

Why PF Changs again? Jenny and Kevin gave us gift cards for Christmas and we are using them up. We still have enough for another outing.

Home a little before 3. Gar took a nap....I took the pups outside.

They did their thing...

As usual (on a nice sunny day) by 4 the light pours into the West side of our house.

That's why I have so many pictures tonight.

I followed it all over the house. Above, the library.

The living room....

My studio/dining room...

and the kitchen....

Gucci looked very good in this color.

Three guesses where Phoebe was sacked out.

Went out to do chores, and came in to have dinner.

Nothing fancy...leftover pork from last night, homemade lomain, fruit and grilled bread with peach jam. How's that for a combo?

I know...I over abundance of pictures. Night all.


Anonymous said...

Never too many pictures - always lovely! We had beautiful blue skies today, fading to pick and peach at sunrise.

Victoria Cummings said...

I love seeing pictures from your world, Lori. It always makes me feel good. The sky is glorious! Who needs Colorado when you've got a piece of heaven in New York?

Achieve1dream said...

Not an over abundance at all. They are great pictures! I love the one of Gucci on the chair. You're right about the color. Supper looks great. You're making me hungry. :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful shots!

rebecca said...

I love that dusk light that comes into the house each day. It just makes everything look so spectacular doesn't it? Nice pics. Love your house! And the pups look so comfy....awww!

CoyoteFe said...

That light was absolutely fantastic! Lifted my spirits. Thanks!