Sunday, February 21, 2010


From the moment I looked out the (unfinished) bedroom window, I knew it was going to be a picture taking day. Took over 200 shots.

The sky was brilliant from the get go.

Once the sun was up, those icicles really started to melt.

A spotlight was on the kitchen stove.

Gucci was checking out the birds, patiently waiting for me to go out for chores.

When it looks like this, I go into high gear.

I did chores with Gary's help. Let some pigeons out of the indoor....Abbe assisted.

I put the pups in the house

and went out to attack the tack/gooming room.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.....

I put away as much as I could, and dumped a few things.

Did the final sweeping and headed back to the house.

What a day!

By now, it started warming up...

All the horses ended up sunbathing in the outdoor arena....

So I decided to take off their blankets until I put them in for the night.

They were happy campers.

Pony took a nap.

A nice break from the blankets.

They were all a bunch of hairy chubs.

Then it started....

Berlin was first.

She rolled....and finally got up.

Then she went to another spot and started all over again.

Free at last.....

Then Abbe started....

She really got into it.

It must have felt like a great back rub.

Who knows how many more times she did this after I went in.

This is one of my favorite shots of Dream.

Around 1:30 Karen came out with the girls and her friend Sharon (her Dressage teacher) for a tour of the farm. Ironically, Sharon had been here back in the early 90's for a clinic. She also has had her saddle flocked more than once, by Ann Forrest...the saddle fitter who has been coming here for about 10 years. Small world.

Here's the weather forecast for the week...I would love to have some of the snow disappear.

Went out to do evening chores around 5:30. Barb had already been here to groom Dream and put her blanket back on. One down, four to go.

You know who went with me.

The sky was still magnificent, but the temperature was dropping quickly.

The moon was high in the sky... not quite dark when I got in the house after 6.

Dinner? Veggie burgers with mushrooms and onions, roasted potatoes and a big salad. Jenny stopped up to drop off a movie and pick up some eggs (that I got across the street yesterday). Love having fresh eggs from happy chickens. We all had rice pudding for dessert.

I brought Bermuda in for over an hour and gave him a good brushing. Phoebe and Gucci are learning to be more tolerant.

Now I am out of gas. Night all. Yey! Tomorrow Gary will be finished with our bedroom and I can set it up.


Anonymous said...

Love the icicles and the rolling horses! Looks like a beautiful day was had by all!

Susie of Arabia said...

Goodness gracious! Quite a post! Over 200 pics in one day? And you were at home all that time??? My faves - besides the shots of your wonderful menagerie - are the shots of the sun peeking out over the barn and the one of those melting icicles. Amazing post, Lori~!

Achieve1dream said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! I loved all of the rolling pictures. The gray pony is sooooo cute! And I agree that the picture of Dream was great! I also really like the one of Gucci. Can't wait to see the bedroom all finished.

elvira pajarola said...

These are fantastic pictures; Lori....The Icesticks in the sun...the horses enjoying the snow and sun.....Gorgeous...!!!!...How the world changes under the bright sunlight; right?

Have a happy week with a lot of more bright warm sunshine!!!!!
ciao ciao elvira

Callie Brady said...

Indeed! A wonderful day and great photos!
That rolling in the snow looks like fun. And I would for sure like that yummy dinner.

Jo said...

What a beautiful day, Lori. I love the horses frolicking and rolling. Mmm, and vege burgers for dinner - wish I'd been there. I loved the photo of Bermuda, too. And the pups. Oh all so beautiful. Have a wonderful day.

B : ) said...

Rejuvenating day! thanks for sharing it.

colleen said...

A wonderful day indeed. I wish I had half your energy. You are one busy woman.

Jill said...

Beautiful pictures. It is nice to see some warm sun. Our horses have been rolling around in the snow too. I am excited to see them shedding. I know spring is in the air.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Just beautiful...Here on sunday oh the weather was so beautiful and today we gotten more snow and hear more is coming this way..Stay warm..Hugs.

Unknown said...

Nice pictures of rolling horses. Le Cheval will enjoy them when he discovers them. Now he has gone to sleep. Mathmatics control for to-morrow. He must be good not to forget a + or a - and have a wrong exercise at the end.
To day, he brought back a very good mark in English. He was happy and so was I too.
See you soon

Grace Olsson said...

Dear Lori, How are u?
Excellents days...for here, dearest...only snow, snow..and storm...

And I continue worreid about ESTHER GARVI like u.

have a nice day, sweet

Achieve1dream said...

Thanks for dropping by Chrome's blog. I'm feeding him free choice grass hay, free choice Nature's Essentials loose minerals, a salt block and Nutrena Safe Choice (also recently added in Grow Colt to make sure he's getting the minerals he needs since he isn't getting the minimum recommended about of Safe Choice; he's going to be a 'get fat on air' type). I've cut back on the Safe Choice until I could see his ribs again and then I'll feed him enough to maintain. I would happily acccept any advice you have as far as diet and exercise for him. He's going to be tall and has a lot of growing to do, I just need to slow it down. That was a big growth spurt. Thanks again for stopping by.