Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Friday, February 19, 2010


Started off the day with clean buckets. I measure their grain out in these before I put it in their feeders.

The water trough was not frozen....second day in a row....that is a real improvement.

When I got to the barn, Dream was waiting for me at the door.

I must have been in overdrive, as I had the stalls done by 9am.

Abbe wanted to make sure the last morsel was not left in her bucket.

Dream really likes to check out different, she was headed for the outdoor arena. Stayed there for a few minutes and went back to the paddock for hay. Maybe she was looking for Winnie...I wonder how she is doing.

The pups stayed in the barn with me until I was finished. A lot easier on them when the temperature is a little higher.

We were back in the house before Gary got home from Java.

I took a shower and was determined to go shopping for new bedding. Left at 10:30 and found exactly what I wanted. First I went to Kohls, then Pennys, stopped at Rowe Photo, hit Country Max and bought some gloves for the Wegmans and then Tractor Supply for 8 bags of pellets.

This is what I bought. An off white cotton quilt (bedspread in the making) with off white stitching, 2 matching pillow shams...a pair of persimmon pillow cases and 2 Turkish (thanks Deb) looking bolsters. It will all look great with the color of the bedroom.

Won't it look smooth?

The walls have two coats of paint on them...the ceiling is done...

and tomorrow Gary will (hopefully) finish up the woodwork.

Went out to do chores about 5:30. Gary invited his pal and walking buddy (Bill A.) to dinner. His wife is on her way to Florida to do some biking.

"What's the hold up?"

Wham! Bam! I can do these chores in about 20 minutes. Gary did the water and the hay was set up in the morning....even picked the paddock.

The temperature may have reached 35 this afternoon...but it was very grey for the most part.

When I headed back to the house, there was a little pink in the sky.

Dinner? Apple bread....

A spinach salad with bacon, eggs, onion, mushrooms and croutons.

Rice pudding. The easiest yummiest recipe in captivity. (in a greased bowl-I use butter-place 1/4 cup of rice, 1/3 cup of sugar, 3 1/2 cups of milk (scalded)-I use skim- and a teaspoon of vanilla or almond. You can add a little nutmeg, but I don't). 350 for 2 hours. Every 30 minutes, stir in the film that forms over the top. Don't let it get too dry... I promise you, this will be a good as any rice pudding you have ever eaten.

In December, Gary and Randy made korv (homemade Swedish sausage).

This is how it looked after it was prepared. Good with mustard.

I also made a side of carrots. A slightly Swedish dinner.

It's that time again. Night all.


Unknown said...

That is sure a rainbow of buckets you got there.

Jo said...

I love your horses, your beautiful bedding material, your divine looking Apple bread and have copied the rice pudding for myself (thanks!) but above all I am AMAZED and overawed at the hard work you all put into a day. Oh and you also make homemade sausage - we have similar in South Africa, called boerewors (farmers sausage) Thanks for sharing. (((Hugs)))

Victoria Cummings said...

Those buckets remind me of Easter eggs for some reason. As always, I wish I was eating dinner at your house! I'm going to try the rice pudding recipe this weekend, thanks - Think about writing a cookbook, Lori, illustrated by you too, of course. We'd all buy it!

Unknown said...

Your salad lokks very good.
You have bought beautiful canvas. According with the walls, it will be à nice bedroom.
See you soon

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Mmmm! I love rice pudding. I will try that recipe for sure. Thanks!

I still have some apples in our freezer left over from our apple tree harvest. I've never made apple bread before. Yummo!


B : ) said...