“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt


Friday, February 12, 2010


Meowwwww! Where is my breakfast? Fed the dogs, fed the cat....picked up my camera....(make that cameras).

Today there were many, many different skies. Starting with sunrise.

Minute by minute it changed.

Yellow, pink, purple....

Going from one camera to another to see which would take the most accurate pictures.

All three were very different.

The pups and I finally got out to the barn. Dream was waiting at the door. What a day for a day dream.....

While I fed the horses their grain, the sky turned a brilliant blue...

I don't think Gucci and Phoebe cared.





I had to stop taking pictures and put the hay out.

It started to snow...no big deal...just a few flakes.

Gary came out and helped me...a bonus day.

Had to run a few errands....we needed a new telephone.
Home for lunch, then turned around and went to the bank.

After that, stopped at the Town Hall to get a dog license tag for Gucci.

While I was waiting for a light to change, caught a shot of this beautiful old house.

Ended up at....Wegmans.

There I go again....

I almost forgot to stop at the Town Garage to fill up some water jugs.

Most of the people who are on wells do not drink their water....we have been doing this for over 25 years. Will they ever extend the waterline down our road????

This barn is across from the Town Garage....classic.

Home at 4:45...Justine was doing chores and I took the dogs out for a romp.

The colors changed depending on the direction I was shooting.

Quite a day for "light."

Took a quick shower, prepared some appetizers and headed over to the Talley's for dinner.

Mangos, dates, almonds, yougert covered raisins, scoops and a salsa dip.

Lots of wine....

I'll bet that most of you have not had a dinner prepared like this one.

The house has huge fireplaces in almost every room. This one was in the dining room.

The two custom made ovens above were used to prepare part of the dinner.

One for the biscuits and the other for the beef. The ovens were placed next to the fire, and the reflection off the tin did the cooking/baking.

Our conversations covered the waterfront.

Madu (not sure how to spell his name correctly) and his wife Janice had some very good stories.

Tom prepared the beef and is was PERFECTION.

Gary got a few words in....like a lot of them.....

During dinner, Molly put her head on my lap. What a sweet girl.

In the kitchen, the pellet stove burned brightly.

While we were in the dining room enjoying roast beef, asparagus and polenta, Miss puppy helped herself to the cheese and crackers that were in the kitchen. For dessert, we had the best baked apples I have ever eaten!

Home at 10. It was snowing.

Night all! Let the games begin!!!


  1. What an amazing day! Thanks for sharing it with me.
    (Did you say a fireplace in every room?....My dream!)

  2. What a great evening of friends and you made it home in time for the Games! Awesome.

  3. Lovely skies, Lori. And if that food tasted as good as it looked .......... Droolworthy!!!!!
    Cheers, Mike.

  4. I love old houses, and that one's a beauty! Your skies are beautiful - ours have been too but my camera wasn't cooperating.

  5. My goodness did I miss your life! I've been working on a project, huge because of my own procrastination, and missed out on a lot of blogging. Sorry you were ill, and Gary too. Such beautiful shots you take!!

  6. Beautiful photo's as always I love stopping by..Just beautiful..Enjoy your weekend Hugs...
    Stay warm.

  7. We've had those great fireplace cooked meals and Deb brought me baked apples last week----yummy----Madhu and Janice are friends of ours and lots of fun-----glad you could enjoy that great old home before they move----Sara

  8. The way the sky changes second by second as the sun rises or sets does amaze me and makes me a little crazy if I can't get to my camera fast enough and miss capturing the best part of the show.

  9. Great post, you do such a good job I always feel like I'm along for the ride.


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