Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Dream is so soon as I opened the barn door, she went out to the pasture to roll.

Chores went pretty quickly this morning.

Of course I had to leave the barn to take the dogs back to the house.

The warmer it gets, the longer they will stay out with me.

It was nice and quiet today...grey but relatively mild.

You can always tell when I put new shavings in the stalls....Winnie's tail was loaded.

At 10 I went to Jenny's to help her move the kids toys down to the family room. Cooper helped!

So did Buster. Ice stayed upstairs and just relaxed.

What a difference it will be...having a separate room for the toys, tv etc.

They even have a bar....the surface was covered with flooring and it looks great. As soon as they get stools, they will be in business. The boys will love eating there.

From there I went to Wegmans. Our refrigerator was empty.

Got home in time for lunch and a shower before my class arrived.

Mel has started a new project with watercolor pencils.

Deb is really moving right along with the illustrations for her book.

Donna made a lot of progress with her painting.

and Colm did another spectacular drawing. His style is pretty amazing.

I asked all my students to do a painting on a card for me. Below is Deb's.

After class, Sandy and I went out to the grooming room to find a blanket for her horse. Sent her home with two...hopefully something will fit.

Out about 5:20 to do chores. I'm loving the light.

I always try to put the wheel barrows under the shed roof for the next morning.

A very simple dinner. Mixed greens....

Hot dogs and baked beans. Wegmans carries hot dogs with no nitrates, no preservatives, no fillers etc. They are without a doubt, the best we have ever tasted.

Loaded up with fruit today.

At 7:15 I arrived in Brockport to play duplicate bridge.

It was held at a home in the village that has a fabulous art collection. I have known many of the artists for years...some worked at the college's art department and went on to become national figures.

We always have way too many goodies...fortunately there is usually a balance. My favorite thing tonight was a bread pudding.

Many of these people play bridge 2 or 3 times a week. I just can't do it. Once a month is fine with me.

There are times when a couple of the husbands have to substitute as all the women are not available. Tonight I played with Bill, and we came in 3rd. Thought we would be last, our hands were so bad. We kept going down one trick half of the night.

Home just before 11 and it has taken me forever to post this. Night all.


photogchic said...

I like the polo sketch...nice.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! Such beautiful artwork. My fave was the child and the teddy bear with the missing eye. Precious! I had a bear like that as a child, too. Brought back memories.

I could have lived without seeing all of those yummy food shots, though. It's late at night and now I'm hankering for a tasty snack....but don't have anything as yummy as those dishes available. lol!

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos.


Jo said...

Beautiful artwork, Lori. I loved Colm's sketch. And oh, I love Dream rolling in the snow. Do you have to dry the blanket after? (I'm always asking these types of questions? Don't know snow...) Hugs Jo

Achieve1dream said...

Beautiful artwork. Thanks for sharing.

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Lori-I think our ideas of "a simple" meal are a bit different :D Love the morning routine of my Dream girl rolling and the pups running around enjoying themselves.
Hugs to the crew!