Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just have to post this photo from Darrin....I want you to meet Oprah Winnie and her good friend (Dr.) Phil. They are two of Winnie's new friends. Cute or what?

And now....for the news of the day.

We had a little snow last night, but the temperature was still reasonable this morning.

The wind came up off and on.

By the time I grained the ponies and put their hay out in the paddock, it started to snow again.

Dream's eye....

Had an appointment for a haircut at 10, so I cleaned the stalls at high speed.

The pups went along for the ride...

and waited for me in the car. They are very good about this.

Underneath our kitchen counter is a cubby that used to hold all my baskets. When we first rescued Gucci she thought they were there for her to chew on. So, I removed them and made it her bedroom.

She even lets Phoebe hide out there some of the time.

When Gucci and I went out to do chores tonight, the Queen relaxed on the couch. She is such a smart dog....why would she want to go out in the snow?

The wind was pretty strong, so the horses were behind the barn.

I put them in right away, and then set up the grain.

They had been out there long enough.

I would be very happy if the weatherman was wrong about this dumping of snow we are supposed to get tonight.

The temperature started dropping quickly by the time I left the barn.

The snow dog didn't mind.

Dinner? A little Chinese.


and some stir fried pork with whatever vegetables I had on hand (onions, carrots, cabbage and a few slices of red peppers).

Earlier I cleaned and cut up a fresh pineapple, which we had on the side.

Time to go in by the fire. Night all.

Just one more thing, I want to send some very positive energy over to Esther in Taiwan. There are so many people around the world who are thinking about you.

And all you bloggers...I feel lucky to have met so many amazing people. It's funny how I found all of you... communicating on a regular basis has been so interesting. Coyote, Gayle, Sue, Victoria, Esther, Cherie, Jo, Lynda, Kate, Lisa, B, Ken, Frank, Jon, the other Jon, Kacy, Elvira, SJ, Rebecca, Mike and Ann... and the list goes on and on. This is a beautiful way to bring the world together. Are we lucky or what? And what a learning experience.
How will we ever all get together????


Unknown said...

I'm in love with your mini horse! Adorable.

photogchic said...

Love that little cute. I am worried about Ishtar too. Hope her dad comes to his senses...

Jo said...

Oh I love Oprah Winnie and Dr (Phil)! And the pooches are adorable. I always love your horses and their intelligence. Lori, it is a pleasure to know you, for sure and to visit your beautiful clean and serene farm on a daily basis, . I also send warm hugs via your blog comments to Esther and her family and pray that all will soon be resolved.

Jill said...

Oprah Winnie and Dr. Phil are adorable! Love the little ones!

Unknown said...

Although I don't see any possible way, that is quite a thought , Lori.
Love, Mike and Ann.

Anonymous said...

You have an award over on my blog - no obligation, of course!