Thursday, February 4, 2010


From the get go, it was a beautiful day.

Got out to the barn a little after 7:30 and things were lookin' good.

We have not had too many skies like this for awhile.

As soon as I opened the barn door, Dream went out to the pasture.

and rolled.

Of course I had to follow her out with my camera...even before I got the grain ready.

By the time I fed the horses, Gucci was ready to go back in the house. Phoebe had no interest in coming out to the barn this morning...she lounged.

On days like this I put the hay in full sun....

Got in the house just in time to load the dogs in the car...Gucci had an appointment with Dr. Edwards this morning. She got her rabies and distemper shots and had a physical...could not have been more cooperative. I had Phoebe weighed so there would be a good baseline number as we proceed with her diet. She did not even weigh 1 more pound than she did last June. Tomorrow I am going to call and get more info regarding her weight over the past several years.

We have the best vet anyone could ask for.
Right Gucci?

Before we went home I went to the drive thru at the bank. When they see the dogs they send out cookies.

During sunny afternoons, Gucci loves to sack out on our bed.

At 2pm I had an appointment with the message therapist. I really needed it today as there were several places that screamed for help. Her office is in the same building as my Doctor's office, and they have a big fish tank that I could not pass up.

The pictures below were all tests as my small digital cameras were giving me trouble.

I did this painting when I was in graduate school at Syracuse...that was a very long time ago.

This one was done there too. See Phoebe?

Went out to do chores at 5. The camera I took out ran out of gas, so when I got in I tried to take a picture with the other, and it was nothing but a blurr. (I was not using my new Canon Power Shot SX20...but I have a question for those of you who have the same camera....did you put a protective plastic covering over your lens so it would not get scratched? ).

Pretty soon it will still be light at 6pm.

Wake up Phoebe!

Madonna came up for dinner...look what we had! Leftover spaghetti sauce and a different salad.

I managed to get a clear test I quit. Night all.


Gayle said...

Looks like a bright day on the farm. So Phoebe's diet didn't change her weight? Maybe her weight suits her and the charts are wrong. We are all unique.

Unknown said...

Nice Noah's ark, Lori. Below the painting.
Cheers, Mike.

Unknown said...

To-day it's the first winter holydays evening.
So, we'll have a piece of time to come and read your blog.
We were interested in the drive thru bank. We have not the same machines here.
Whant can you do with it ? Putting money on your account ?
See you soon
Phyto and Le Cheval Endiablé

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Phoebe looks perfect! Your pups are the cutest. I like the horse painting. Very nice!

Our local banks hand out dog bisquits to the pups and lollies for this kids each time we drive through. Sometimes I take Dobbie into the feedstore and they do the same. It's rather sweet, isn't it?


enlightenedhorsemanshp said...

I REALLY like your grad school painting!