Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Another grey morning.

The pups and I got out to the barn for chores after 7:30.

Gary went to Java for coffee.

I think Winnie knew something was going on today...

By 9:30 Darrin and Trina got to the farm and started loading up all their tack and supplies.

Last time in the grooming room. A little after 10 Winnie got on the trailer and was off to her new home. Hopefully it will be an easy adjustment. Sad to see her go, she was so happy and healthy here.

Dream was not too excited about it, that's for sure.

Gary did not go for a walk today so he helped we with chores. I did some rearranging in the barn, and will now feed Dream in Winnie's stall.

Why won't the birds eat these sunflower seeds?

My class arrived at 1:30 with many new projects in the works.

Deb worked on another drawing of a tree, using cray pas instead of water colors.

Look at that! Sandy is doing another horse.

Alice (who is always too hard on herself) made some real progress today with her water color painting.

Donna spent her time finishing up her watercolor.

Tina was still working on her woodpeckers (mixed media).

And Mel...Mr. Productive...finished up another watercolor pencil project.

Alice worked on her painting with a dried flower for a reference.

Mel finished his card assignment with this beautiful painting of a bird.

I invited Madonna to dinner....

Went out to do chores around 5:30.

"Come on Mom....let us in!"

I led Dream into Winnie's stall twice and showed her where the grain and hay were. Ultimately, I think she will like being near the other horses. I latched her gate open so now she has an outrageous amount of space to herself. Peeked in after I picked the paddock and she was eating.
What a good girl. Hopefully she will rebond with another horse.

It was just about dark when I got back to the house.

Gucci loves to hang out in front of the fire.

About 10am we realized that the furnace was not working, so we had both stoves going. One in the kitchen and the other in the living room. Did not want my class to freeze. By 4 it was repaired.

Can't beat a wood fire.

Dinner? Salad with avacado, tomato, green pepper, onion and gorganzola cheese.

and delicious homemade pizza...NO MEAT! We have eaten out so much this week!!!! Onions, mushrooms and peppers.

Madonna brought up a pineapple upside down cake. Tomorrow I need to go on water!

Gary is still plugging away on our bedroom. Will be very happy to have it put back together. Such a lot of work! Tonight I am going to our freezing upstairs, put on some extra blankets and catch some serious ZZZZZZssssss. Night all.


Kim said...

I haven't seen you in Wegmans this week so where is Winnie going and why?
Kim Joyce

Gayle said...

That cake looks so good! I may have to try and make one of those someday.

B : ) said...

Your little doggies make me laugh - they seem to do many things synchronized : ) Generally the type of bird who likes sunflowers also likes to eat on an open platform. Stick an old table or something out there and spread the seeds on that. Why did Winnie have to leave? Poor Dream, she was just getting comfy and life changed for her again. She may turn out to be the queen.

diane b said...

Love your header. Another busy day on the farm. The art is great.

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Awww-that is SO sad! Winnie has been with you guys for how long? I thought she was yours this whole time :( This is one thing that makes me so sad for horses...they get moved this way and that and leave behind BFFs throughout their lives. I am so sorry for both Winnie and Dream that they are no longer together. I know they will make other friends-they always do. I am just sad that we humans make those choices for them so regularly. I hope Darrin and Justine enjoy the new barn and that Winnie and Dream both find new BFFs quickly. Give Dream a special extra squish from her biggest fan please!

San said...

I loved the pictures of the animals and the art in progress, but what really caught my eye is that homemade pizza. YUM.