Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I must have eaten my Wheaties this morning, as I was finished with chores by 9am!

It was still mild and very dull looking.

It seems that my follow bloggers who have horses are just as anxious for winter to get over as I am. Sunshine would give all of us a great boost. Instead, we are headed for a big storm with at least a foot of very wet, heavy snow.

Got down to our chorus rehearsal a little before 10 and Tom Talley was there ahead of us. Today he decided to see what it's all about, and I think he will stick around. He and Gary are both in the bass section, and since he already participates in another singing group, he will be a very quick study. So glad he joined us!

Got home around noon and the pups went out for a romp.

What a duo. They sure have a lot of adventures together.

About lunch... Did you ever make a grilled cheese sandwich with thinly sliced apples on it? As in sharp cheddar and Granny Smiths???? Give it a try if you have never experienced this superb taste.

Anyway....around 2 I went in to Brockport to get gas for my car (almost out, and with a storm coming I wanted to have a full tank)...

Stopped at Country Treasures to pick up a birthday gift....the shop is loaded with goodies. Aren't these purses beauteous?

Our village looked as dull as the grey sky.

The next stop was...ta daaaaaaa. Wegmans. I can't stay away from that store!
Worked on dinner when I got back to follow.

Out to do chores about 5:45.

My ponies have the drill down...after I get everything set up, I open the door and they all walk into their stalls.

I'm sure some horse people would think I am nuts, but they have been doing this since day one (29 years ago we moved to this farm).

Tucked them all in ....

and got back in around 6:15.

When I opened the door, the smells coming out of the kitchen were heavenly!

Earlier, I made a sweet potato salad.

The rest of the menu included sauerkraut and the best nitrate free, no preservative hot dogs ever made.

First, I put two pieces of chopped bacon and 3 medium onions in a pan.

In the meantime, I drained the sauerkraut and put it in a covered pot with a little fresh water.
Then I drained that and threw it on top of the onions. Next, I added some cider vinegar and brown sugar along with some celery salt and pepper and threw it in the oven.

Before I went out to the barn, I added the hot dogs and covered the whole thing with tin foil.

The positively exploded! But boy! did they taste good!!!!!

On the side we had pumpernickel bread, the potato salad and homemade dill pickles. I put honey mustard on the hot dogs. For a change! Yum. Comfort food to the rescue.

Time for the Olympics and a cupa tea. Night all.


Anonymous said...

I love how your horses just calmly go to their places for dinner - a testament to the calm atmosphere at your place.

Achieve1dream said...

I love apples and cheese together but never thought of doing it on a grilled cheese. Too bad I can't eat dairy anymore. :(

I don't think you're crazy for letting the horses go to their own stalls. When I fed twenty or so horses at a local dressage stable I would let in seven horses at a time and they always went to their stalls. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Many horses act like school children. They know to sit at the same desk every day and feel safer doing so. Sounds like peace and ordeliness rein supreme in your barn. Cool.

Sweet Potato salad??? Yummo! Recipe? Please?

The sauerkraut sounds delish, too! Thanks for the recipe.

Love those cotton quilted patterned bags.

Tht second photo totally potrays the dreariness of the weather. Nice job.


Jo said...

I love Gucci's flung back ears as she dashes through the snow to ...Phoebe. What a pair. Two of my three dogs at home are in seperable: I know I'll be posting photos about them soon after I get home next weekend. They'll be so glad to see us, they'll put on a show. Yes, I agree with Kate that your place exudes such a calm atmosphere that your horses are also calm and obedient. What is "No Rollkur" ? (in your sidebar) Forgive a Phillistine when it comes to facts about horses. LOL!

B : ) said...

Another wonderful day. Looks like great food. The purse on the bottom right would be my first choice. I get such a kick out of those puppies - the way their little bodies go up into those rears. They kill me!

grandma Jeanie said...

The food pictures are alluring and I am hungry for hotdogs for breakfast. Our Iowa winter hangs on with a vegeance. We are sending you Eastern folks our latest weather maker.

Victoria Cummings said...

Twenty-nine years? Wow, how wonderful! And yet another great dinner - so comforting and delicious. I'm going to make your sweet potato salad tonight. We're getting a weird mix of snow, rain, ice and then more snow, with temps above freezing. A soupy mess. Your barn looks so cozy. And I agree with Kate about how calm, well-mannered horses are a reflection of their owners.

rebecca said...


You kill me with the food! Everytime I see the delish plates you put together I get hungry!

Loved the second picture of the barn and tree. Loved it.

And, on another note, Oreo gave us quite a scare on Sunday. I had him out in the yard all day because it was gorgeous out and when he came in he was crying and yelping. Seems he must have eaten something (plant or bad piece of food maybe a squirrel dropped in our yard) and ate it. Intensive care they put him in! Yeah. The little guy who is six years old and still has the heart and personality of a little pup did not want to play, was very quiet, crying, not eating or drinking water and running a fever. I was a mess and joined him in the crying fest! LOL! Thank God for my daughter who kept her head together and that's his mum! He's back home now, all better and playful once again. Methinks I'm going to get this dog a muzzle because he can't be trusted not to eat what he's not supposed to! He's like a vacuum cleaner and just sucks everything in his way! Ay Oreo! By Tuesday, both me and my daughter just konked out from the emotional rollercoaster this little one put us through.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lori...
I am writing you from sunny but quite cold Savannah, GA. Sorry I haven't been to class. It's wasn't you! My construction project lasted over three weeks and I am really not finished yet. I still have two cabinets (24' x 30" x 7') to complete in my shop. I won't get to that until mid-April. I'll get back to art classes then I hope.

In the meantime, I love your blog. I found it easily through Google.

Best regards,
John Jungbluth

PS We bought a Mac and love it1

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori! Thank you for the comment you left on my blog. I've been going through your posts, and needed to stop right here and tell you that I'm sure, after seeing this meal, you and I could become very good friends. Yummmmmm!