Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Post #7250 81 Degrees!

Another gorgeous day!

But I have some bad news.  After all the work Gary did in our kitchen garden working up the soil, bringing in mulch and top soil and planting 21 San Marzano tomato plants...... they were all eaten within 24 hours!  He is so discouraged.  They did not touch the pepper plants or any of the greens....just the tomatoes.  Here we have a fenced in yard and something got in and did the damage anyway.  Now, I want to put at least four or six of them in pots.

Jenny drove up to the farm last night in her new car.  It's a beauty and of course we had to check it out.  After trying out many, she and Scott thought this Mazda SUV was by far the best.  Sun roof, heated leather seats, great sound system...and just plain gorgeous.  She is really going to enjoy her time on the road going back and forth to work in Rochester.

Even the mornings have been just right for doing chores.

The spinach and snow peas are showing more and more each day.

Now that the tulips are gone, the iris have started to bloom.
Earlier I ran several errands and then at 4 Little Wonder and I took a drive over to Heritage Bell Farm to pick up some of Carina's bread.  The car smelled divine.

By late afternoon the light was even more beautiful.

Gary was kind enough to unload my car and put grain and shavings in the feed room for me.
The paddock is nice and dry, so it is not such a pain in the butt.  Now, we need rain.

I used some of Carina's Italian bread to make open faced meatball sandwiches for dinner and we finished off the potato salad.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

A Rabbit, squirrel, racoon? or big birds? What a sad sight for you both. Hope you can salvage some to grow safely in pots.

Val Ewing said...

Voles will cut the tomatoes at their base and ground hogs will totally wreck a garden. Any scat left over to tell you which animal or animals took out the tomatoes? Interesting because you have gardens all over and curious as to picking just the tomato plants.

I did grow two tomato plants successfully in pots last year. The three I had in the garden produced so many tomatoes that I won't need to plant but one tomato plant this year for fresh cut tomatoes.

Nice new car for Jenny!