Sunday, May 23, 2021

#7255 Still No Rain

2 minutes do not count.

A little cooler than yesterday and downright chilly by dinner time.  This morning Berlin went straight out to the pasture and was on high alert.  

Have no idea what she could see in the field to the North.

For the past week I have been riding my trike to and from the barn and anywhere else I can get in a couple minutes.  I have been very gimpy for weeks and am trying to do that motion so I can loosen up.  When I have been sitting or sleeping, I am so lame when I get up.  Fortunately I can walk it off, then it starts all over again.  Hot showers help and I have been using Biofreeze.  Guess I'm going to have to knuckle under and start taking some acetometifin.

Karen and Tracy were her much of the day.  Morning chores.  Then Karen rode Angel and finished with an Elliott lesson before the farrier arrived.
Angel has not been ridden for weeks, as she has been off for one reason or another.  She is still not back to normal, but Karen wanted Tracy to take a look.

I picked spinach for the first time today.
Because I am getting smarter, I decided to put together some sauerkraut for dinner tonight and used a crock pot so I wouldn't heat up the kitchen.
While that was doing it's thing I started mowing the pastures.

The only one left is the biggest and I will try to finish that tomorrow.
Gary planted carrots where all the San Marzano tomatoes got eaten.
Who knows if they will make it.

The mixed greens are going to be ready pretty soon.  I won't have to buy anymore at Wegmans.
The herbs are catching on.
About dinner!  It was so delicious.
I had some Artisan smoked sausage with Swiss cheese in the center.  After frying it I threw it in with the sauerkraut.  Also made mashed potatoes.

Yesterday I made another 1940s jello with carrots and lots of pineapple.
Chore duty tonight.  The temperature had gone down to the low 60s.

Night all.


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Val Ewing said...

I understand that Gimpy Thing. It takes me a while to get moving about in the morning and after gardening I wonder if I'll ever be able to stand up again!
My husband loves to give me grief over it and call me 'old'.
Hope you get less gimpy!